paint my heart red and blue~

so i guess i have enough with the blue color. always blue, always sad… it’s good to be sad for a while, but then you get tired of it. it’s time to challenge my inner red. and i’m more than ready 😀

haven’t been able to update here as often as i wanted 😦 i had so much things to do. the reason why i could today was because i’m finally done with my formal scientific report. i just cannot risk procrastinating. the thing itself makes 25 % of my grades which was… heck. a lot. so i spent the last three days trying to pen everything that comes into my head regarding stature and arm span length. the correlation of it, some linear dependence, some coefficients, formal uses… it comes to the point where you don’t know what you’re writing about anymore. i haven’t had the chance to clean my brain from all of those mess yet, and i’m planning to do them fast. for the mean time, i refuse to look at anymore online scientific or medical journals, especially that relating to anthropometry. nu-uh~ you cannot make me. and those things about referencing. i know it’s super important, since i’ve been plagiarized myself and in all honesty, i’m not liking it.. but the reference itself took a LOT of my time! i could’ve finished the darn discussion in an hour if not for those published years, surnames, first names, punctuations and the like. phew~ Thank God that is now all over! ^^

anyway, i’m going to turn in early today. just sneezed. not a good sign since practically the whole class is sneezing with runny nose and sore throats. i’m trying to shrink myself away into a corner and not get sick. it doesn’t help when most of your family members are also sick at home! so i figure out that being tired, practically sleeping at 2 and 3 AM for the last 3 days, and also undertaking so much stress wouldn’t help me in maintaining my health. i need to get some sleep… i promise you to update once i catch up on some Zzzs. until then. i’m giving you slurpee pictures to get you entertained. ^^ night people. stay healthy and be happy! *grins* *runs away with blanket*



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