*double clicked the microsoft word icon*

hey… good news: i opened microsoft word already… i mean, that’s a start, right? if you’re planning to make a formal science lab report, that’s the first thing that you should do, right?

but nothing comes into my head right now. so here i am sitting with a bed hair that i didn’t bother to brush, trying to think about a sentence to start my science report.

and it feels like my body has aged without my permission. i swear this is not me complaining, but i’m having a stomach ache and now a back ache. i mean, come on!! what’s wrong with me? it’s not like i’m an  80 year old granny already, but i feel like it. even my grams still looks young and active! i should really upgrade myself *meditating yet again*

okay, so i’m wasting my time here… i’ll get back to you once i’m done with my report okay? it’s given to me on the start of the semester, and it’s now like 6 days left until the deadline and i still haven’t done a single thing. BRAVO! ~

it’s time to stop procrastinating for me. wish me luck 😀


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