inner 氣


*breathes in* *breathes out*

hello bloghearts 😀 i’m back!

so i still have minor stomach aches… body’s not being ‘delicious’ these past few days. i think it’s the stress T.T

i really have no time in updating my blog. just so you know, i can’t write a lot. but i’m squeezing in some time to actually write. i have a reading comprehension test, scientific principles assessment, magazine project and an art fair organisation waiting for me.

i’m channeling my inner strength here. i’m tired of being tired. get it? *sigh* HWAITING!

now the problem is that i have so many things to do i literally do not know where to start T.T

anyhow, let’s fight together, shall we? have spirit y’all!! the holidays are coming nearer!~ ^^

picture: Meditationby ~leonard-ART


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