i didn’t win 😥

so, i was not online yesterday since i was busy preparing for the grand final round for the speech competition.

but then again, i didn’t win… so yeah… ~ *shrugs* but seriously, i feel really blessed today. sure i was nervous when i was waiting for my turn, but when i walk, stand on stage, and do my speech, i was not nervous at all. add to the fact that i found really epic friends, i had no regrets whatsoever this day.

but the thing about losing is that you get to feel the fatigue… i can guarantee that if i won, i wouldn’t feel a single thing… and how ridiculous can this get!!? stomach ache for 4 days! what is happening to me??

i’m praising the Lord that tomorrow’s a holiday. going to practically be under the covers until noon, sleeping my worries away and i’m going to move on and do more assessments in the afternoon. tsk. fun.

anyways, i need to go now. i’m really really really really really tired and i just couldn’t take it anymore. so, ciao… until then people *smooch*


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