i should really get a life. why?

because i’m turning from this:

into this:

although i bet they’ll taste wonderful just the same.

right. so, i don’t recommend any of you to do gym for P.E class after having to sleep at 3 AM. nu-uh. definitely a bad idea.

why? because i figure out that i get a whopping 40% clumsier when i lack sleep + do vigorous exercise. i swear i was sweating like a pig who just swam. T.T it was bad. and what is it about sleeping at 3 AM? i swear i didn’t know how that happened. okay, supposedly my teacher did graduate from Oxford, but on the contrary, i’m NOT writing a business essay for Oxford. that being said, i DO NOT want to wake up until 3 AM to do this essay that would take a toll on me through out the following days. 😥 *tear*

anyways, i’m not going to hang around long enough here. not long enough to satisfy me of my writing needs since i still have to memorize my speech for tomorrow’s competition *thump thump*. i’ve been procrastinating. it’s not good. this day has been looong~ and i don’t get to even achieve half of what i’m supposed to do. now THAT is frustrating. i played myself with some spaghetti, trying to figure out the strongest structure for the bridge making competition that i’m going to participate next Thursday. my mom said i looked like a loon =.=a

and talking about writing…. i’m not sure i’ll have enough time and energy as it is to actually continue this pending story. i miss my characters so so much and it is really disappointing to know that i have to postpone everything all over again. we shall see~ i’m going to squeeze and condense everything. i’m developing a technique here. it’s either that, or i go crazy. you pick.

until then. please pray for me, wish me luck, love me, care for me 😀 and all of those other good stuff. but idrc if you do boo on me or curse on me.

i really need to get a life.





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