the good days

this day is like the BEST DAY EVER #… i have a lot of best days in my life already >.< but seriously… i woke up to an amazing breakfast, coffee and chocolate bread, like what is there not to like? but most of all, i’m done with my piano exams and i hope that i’m acing it πŸ˜‰ and of course, dad’s here. (forever, a daddy’s little girl)

so i had my exam yesterday, we then went to an IT showroom. it was so big, so crowded, smells like cigarette everywhere T.T gosh i hate cigarette smoke. but wtv. they think it’s cool to smoke, i think they’re stupid. T.T

anywho, having done with my exams, i’m definitely continuing my story while doing other things at the same time. doing tid bits of everything that is going on right now, and i’m hoping to persevere in everything that i have coming for me.

for the mean time, i’m enjoying life as it is. which is always a good thing πŸ˜‰ i need to go to Jakarta– attending the Blue Mountains seminar, but i guess we’re going to the airport first. i just hope i’m going to get back in time for my friend, Miming’s birthday.

oh, and Merapi has just blown off its top once again. deepest condolences to those who are victims to the disaster. idk if this would happen or not, but i promise i’ll try to set up a fundraising event in school for the Merapi and Mentawai victims. so to say~ please support me πŸ˜€

forever yours,


mood: happy and full πŸ˜€

listening to: Rockin’ Robin – Jackson Five

picture: ~ShadowsInMyEyes


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