the perfect closure

*sigh* i can finally have a good rest today!! 😀

it feels good to actually come here and write about having a good Monday once in a while. it feels nice.

i feel like talking about my piano teacher though. no, don’t be scared of seeing hate sentences before you. it’s just that since today would be the last day that i would be having lessons with her, i want to kinda think of it through.

i know that she’s mean at times. but after all of this is finally over (phew!) i just cannot help but think that she’s actually just human too. and it is normal for us humans to have big egos and also wanting to have a good image in front of everybody else. i guess it’s what we call human nature, because i do have those things too. you’d be lying if you say you don’t.

what i’m thinking now: would i actually regret after leaving? –she’s a hell of a piano teacher. i tell you. good skills; good techniques; good appreciation to music; good emotions to various different types of songs; good theory; everything is just good. but she isn’t a good teacher. now how am i supposed to deal with that when i supposedly come to her to TEACH me. *deep breaths* so i think i wouldn’t regret it. life goes on, and it is time for me to move on into another chapter of my life. the past can be closed forever, but you can never know if you’ll reopen them again in the future. which is why you should keep walking to know what you’re up against later on 😀

so i studied with her for a long drag of nine years and if i could promise her one thing, it would be that i would work my butt off for this examination. i know it means a lot to her, even though it did not for me. at least it could be the last thing that i can do to repay her kindness. despite showering me with her knife sharp words, she’s still someone who’s loving inside. she’s still human.

so everything comes to a close this afternoon. what was surprising and rather touching IMO was that she asked to pray with me. >.< it sounded weird, but we prayed. i felt so so happy at that moment. it felt like the perfect closure. to end everything with a prayer. she prayed so that i could get to appreciate music more. i would do my best in the future. and when i say that i will do my best, i’ll do it. whatever it takes.

that’s it for today darlings~ i’m excited to move on and uncover new things that i have not experienced. it’s time for me to be the one who walks away rather than always staying at the same spot. so i’m going to retire early today, but i would have to post a new re-edited link that i promised my unnie shortly. so until then people. enjoy your night. or day.

mood: ready to catch up on some Zzzs

listening to: The Call – Regina Spektor

picture: Closureby ~DriftStudios


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