locking it away.

so this is not a real post. it is just a confession. i’m now going to start grouping my posts since i get too riff-raffy (is that even a word?)

anyways, i met him again. and i couldn’t believe myself! after like what? a year and a half of separation ++ 3 and a half years of being ‘just friends’ i actually still feel for him. which was just stupid. he was trashy and ignorant. at least, that’s what i’ve been trying to convince myself into believing.

unrequited love is indeed one of the strongest love out there. tsk. the nature of humanity. always wanting the things that they couldn’t get. but… i will get over it. and move on without thinking that it’s a big deal.

feelings are just feelings. and at the end of the day, it wouldn’t matter for i would just stuff it in a secret drawer, lock it, and swallow the keys if i have to. i’m not falling again for a second time. i’m NOT going to be hurt. again.


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