heartbreaking </3

you just know that the first Mondays are going to be the hardest. you kinda get prepared for whatever it is that comes your way. and yesterday, i was prepared on feeling the holiday’s withdrawal symptoms, the piano lesson bashings and whatnot. but i wasn’t in any way prepared to sleep at 1.30 AM yesterday night. cross that. morning.

anyways… look at this.

this is so heartbreaking. really, it is.

i have the hunch that this happens in my country, my beloved Indonesia. we do get flood often. it used to be a one over 5 year period, but then, it becomes more often up to the point where it feels like a daily thing. it’s scary.

but, that is not what i’m going to talk about. at least not today.

like, here i am. complaining about how high school sucks so badly, about how things are getting hard on me, how projects and homeworks are such a drag, and look at her! she’s crying over her books. and it is not by chance a Cambridge A level text book which is ridiculously expensive. i’m talking about a plain notebook with barely anything in it, and some silly writings on the cover.

i have a choice to live my life. i have the chance to get a decent education, while she doesn’t. she probably bought those notebooks with the money she earned with effort. i could easily buy a mochi ice cream which is worth Rp 15000 (but i don’t. i’m such a cheap bastard. it’s true) but she is crying because her notebooks which cost less than Rp 10000 are ruined.

i feel so ashamed of myself. so even though i’m going to work and study like hell, i’ll try not to complain. please readers, do remind me if i start whinging. i’ll of course express my pent up emotions here like always since this is the essence and purpose of my blog–a place where i can express myself without any boundaries. but i’ll try with all my might. i will.

for now, i have to go and edit four files for my forum. ++ i have piano recitals on Nov. 5, Assessments due on Nov. 25, an SAT test on January, an IELTS test on February, and i also have to arrange this combined event of art fest  and mini soccer competition. i’m pretty much booked. but i’m going to try my hardest and be like that little girl in the picture. a poor no one with spirit.

fight everyone! you will never know when your chances are taken away from you, leaving you with nothing other than your will to move on and accept.

mood: tired. but doing the best that i can.

picture: http://29.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_la8kqm0rF11qzcciuo1_500.jpg via Chriswira Chaylis


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