so i watched Eat Pray Love today with mommy dearest and my lil sis. it was good~ deeper than what i was expecting… i haven’t read the book, although my mom bought it the instant she saw Liz on Oprah… well, the book is now on my top list of must reads ^^ gotta find time to read the book since the movie was excellent.

i have to say that it might be boring to people who are expecting the love story of it. because the love story itself is not the essence of the movie or the book when it comes to that; it’s just a highlight of the plot… it’s just something that Liz is lucky enough to encounter in the journey of finding ‘her word’. speaking about that…. ‘attraversiamo’.

i have to agree with Liz. it does sound good to the ear. when you say it in a perfect italian accent (which i couldn’t) , it sounds very delicate, but representing. that feeling where that word itself could describe what you want. crossing over. it’s like getting over the past, crossing over to a new beginning. sometimes alone, sometimes together with a friend, a boyfriend, your mother, your dad, your sisters, brothers… anyone at all… even strangers.

so… attraversiamo. i’m ready to move on. i made a lot of changes tonight. i made plans. i created my own alter ego. a different version of me; braver, stronger, more confident, more expressive, less careful… her name is Vivienne. Viv for short. i like the name Vivienne. Victoria & Vivienne. the sweet & sexxy 😛 i wish. i’ve also decided to renovate my room by myself. nothing big, just something creative and artsy that i’m going to be proud of in the future. as a child, i’ve always envisioned myself living in a fairytale. or being part of the lives of my favorite characters in books. now i’m going to make that happen. i’m going to hang up stars on my ceilings, going to put up lights here and there… and i’m going to finish up my story. it’s about time that i do.

anyway, attraversiamo my friends. if you’re sick of always being the one who stays at the same place when everyone leaves, come and take my hand. we’ll get through this together 😉

mood: challenging myself

listening to: Try To Follow Me – 2NE1

picture: Eat Pray Loveby ~ellevogue (1st picture) ;EAT PRAY LOVEby ~yansetiawan (2nd picture) — i like how the second picture represents Indonesia very much ❤ ; first picture: i love how jules looks at her onscreen lover. she’s SUCH a talented actress


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