mismatched laces

hello blog!! i’m back from SUCH a tiring day i couldn’t even explain.

well, no, that’s over the top. it’s tiring, yes, but, everyday’s tiring for me, right? i just don’t get to have as much sleep as i used to… so i’m now planning to sleep extra early, a.k.a 9.15, a.k.a 10 minutes from now.

so i’m back from the sleepover. slept at like 1.30AM this morning? idk… bottom line, i’m so so so sleepy today, and i’m not even the one who slept the last. gosh~ i can’t just bear it anymore and zzz~ went to dream land without even noticing. but the sleepover thing was really really something. do you know that i’m one of those crazy risk-takers? i like to feel the adrenaline rush in my veins, which is why, throughout the sleepover, i have been doing some stunts. like standing on a mossy rock in the middle of a deep man made lake, or jump of the balcony of Cecil’s room and running to the roof of her garage… i even have pictures taken of them! ๐Ÿ˜€ i love how i did that and nobody else did. felt special. anyway, we slept late, as i’ve mentioned, had a really quick bath, quick breakfast and was out of the door and on the car to school for the promotional video.

i guess, everything went well… i’m thankful for that. i repeated some of the scenes, but everything goes around okay. hanged out with some awesome grade 10s and some of my fellows as well… and after a rather late wrap up of the shooting, we went to watch STEP UP 3D. it was the awesome-st, coolest, most unbelievable Step Up movie i have ever watched. i have to say that the story is not original AT ALL. since basically all dance movies are about battles or auditions in which, at the end, they will win over. but i have to say that the moves, the 3D effect, the idea of the choreography were top notch. not to mention the OMGHOT actors and actresses acting on the movie. Luke is just so… yummy (sorry for being such a perv) and Moose is just too cute to be true. ++ Camille, the used-to-best-friend-now-girl-friend-of-Moose girl was super cute and talented too! one of my favorite scene was when they were dancing to this ice cream song. it was fantastical… i wonder when i would be able to dance like that.

anyway, i spent Rp 95000 today. which is approx. $9.50. i don’t really know if that is what Western people call spending a lot or not, but it sure is a lot of money in my country. i payed for the 3D movie ticket which was the most expensive. gosh… Rp 50000 just for watching at the cinema. but it was worth it ๐Ÿ˜› and then i bought two shoelaces, one pink and one green, and then i bought some credits for my rather pathetic phone. *sigh* i love my phone… but it’s getting old and error-y that it sometimes drives me nuts. i need to do something about it.

but again, i’m living a teenage dream this weekend and i’m MORE than happy about it. i feel like i’ve wasted 1 and a half year of my high school life trying to be the girl that i envisioned in my future.

you know that thing about magazines trying to tell people, teens particularly, to act more mature, and you know, save money and all that, and that’s good for you; but i figure that i don’t want to be missing my teenage years. the years which would only come by once and only once to me. i save alright, but i want to be able to have that feeling of spending excessively on things that are foolishly cute and adorable. i want to be ignorant at times and i for once, want to feel that i’m actually living my age. not being a 21 year old minded woman in a 16 year old’s body. i want to live my life as it is now… wish me luck on that ๐Ÿ˜‰

but i’m afraid i have to go now people. don’t forget to live life to the fullest, because you might not be able to have a choice in the future.

mood: in the mood of being a silly teenager

listening to: Perfect Two – Auburn

picture: my mobile ๐Ÿ˜‰


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