taking it easy.

hello sweethearts 🙂

i’m back!! i had a morning walk with mommy dearest, had chocolate bread and milk tea for breakfast and bathed already.

it comes as really surprising for me to actually waking up early considering that i slept at a quarter to one yesterday night. i guess my body was just too jumpy for it’s own good… as it turns out, i did get very tired during the day, but didn’t get to sleep since i still had a lot to do and i don’t want to end up sleeping at one again today… a long day today and a long day tomorrow as well. *sighs*

anyway, i’m going to attend this wedding mass tomorrow… mom thought of going to the reception but had a double thought about it. she said that she was too lazy to go to the reception and so we’ve decided to go to the wedding mass instead. here’s the problem. i wouldn’t mind having zits on my face for as long as it goes, but, trying to conceal six very big, very red zits due to being overstressed is not an easy thing to do. 😥 i must not stress out– but even then, how could i not stress out?? i have stuff to do staring at me on the face with their deadlines tagging along. mom said that i think too much. but i do tend to worry about everything… and i just can’t help it.

so i guess for the time being, i should just start trying to smooth everything out. even though it wouldn’t work and be effective for the long run, i think i could give it a try. and besides, i’m tired of the zits, the hair loss and the dark circles. not to mention, other things you get when you’re stressed and a female. psh.

that’s it for today. i will try to get my head in the game and finish my work. involving, writing a book critic for my bahasa subject, a genetic disorder essay for scientific principles, 2 editing files for the forum, and some other knick knacks that would surely get on the way sooner or later.

see you people~ at least, you deserve to enjoy your Saturday 😀

mood: idk yet. but i’ll tell you soon.

listening to: Wonderwall – Oasis

picture: http://artisticdistrict.tumblr.com/


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