hey cheerios… ~ (i know it’s a cereal’s brand name, but… don’t you just like the way it sounds? xD)

anyway, i was just checking my blog dashboard just earlier this morning thinking that i haven’t left off for a long time just to find out that i’m actually MIA for A WEEK. can you imagine that?? a week!! a week and a day even, since i am currently writing at 11.56 PM. 4 minutes to Saturday… gosh, i really had so many things to do that i’m even writing this a few minutes before midnight. *rolls*

so, here’s the thing. i’ve been zombified for a couple of days now and then. (fyi, zombified is a term i come up with a couple of days earlier because of my lack of sleeping.) constantly sleeping at midnight and 1 AM… i kinda get used to it somehow… here’s the roundabout of the week, in flashes. i hope you guys enjoy, or at least, deem it necessary to forgive me for my lack of commitment in updating.

Saturday (Samedi)

i could still feel the sense of euphoria then. it was… still so real. the partying, the late night trips back home, the purple hair, the aerosol cans… everything. woke up late, ate a very nice breakfast, and since my sister was planning to hang out with her friends, my mom and i ended up having yet another mother and daughter day in the cinema. we bought this medium sized sweet pop corns and a bottle of green tea and just sat watching ‘The Switch’. a hilarious rom-com… i have to say, it was quite similar to the back-up plan with regards to the baby inseminations and what not, but, it was worth watching. i cried at that movie… i know, i cried a lot this week. just wait until i tell you about it. bad news: japanese teacher needs a break for a month. i’ll have to do with a substitute teacher for quite some time before having my oneechan back. sad T.T but, i’m not going to give up on this. i love language and i will do my best learning as much as i can.

Sunday (Dimanche)

so… Sunday, the first day of nightmare literally since at that day, i struggled at home doing my history homework for 9 hours straight without any rest at all. starting from 11 AM -ish, until 8 PM -ish. skipped lunch since i was so busy chowing down on Winston Churchill and the multimedia file that i’m making… so much to do, so little time… and so i skipped lunch. i didn’t even bother to feel the hungriness since i have so much things more important to do. slept quite late that day, and didn’t join mom when she was going to this mall which has the word SALE written all over it. gosh~ i wish i had gone, but oh well… work comes first. bad news: my work of 9 hours turns out to be corrupted. yeah~ isn’t that just awesome? i almost cried then.

Monday (Lundi)

you guys know i’m not really friends with Monday. i have the pressure of history multimedia homework, and then that inflation thing in business studies, bottom line, i had a lot of things to do (and still do now… T.T) but i was so stressed out that i was even numb during my piano lesson. i slept at 1 AM that day. since the comic file for history was corrupted AGAIN! so i had to do it for the 3rd time. not to mention that the lagging Viv is driving me crazy. everything was just a mix of this and that and whatever there is in this world. i’m not feeling well  AT ALL. i had a lot of things in my mind, and being the foolish girl that i am, worry about a lot of things. i’m proud being me, but being me, at certain times, could be such a pain.

Tuesday (Mardi)

so, Tuesday comes and goes so quickly. finished the file at school, tried to do it with cropping the files into photoshop and paint instead of redoing it all again which will, undoubtedly, bring me to the brink of insanity, but then again, the job was done, and printed. by the time school was done, i barely made it… so as to say that i barely survived my mandarin lesson. but i managed… from where that energy is sourced, i didn’t know myself. what i know is that i walked, i tried to pay attention with all the living fibers left in my body, and so, the day passed in which i was thankful about.

Wednesday (Mercredi)

first thing i did was rush to photocopy center to get those history things binded and done. i can’t wait to finally see the final result in my hand after working on it for so long… i so need to see it ready to be submitted. she better give me an A++ for that. -.- anyways, the day went smooth, but the interesting part was when i get to go to the education fair in Jakarta that afternoon. so, i asked for my mom’s permission and she said ‘yes’, and so i went… it was raining and you know the drill… : rain+ Jakarta+cars = traffic jam — you can eliminate the rain and it still will add up to that. Jakarta is just oh-so-awful when talking about the traffic. it comes to the point where i’m confused why people wanted to live in Jakarta at the first place. i swear you could even chat on facebook while driving in a traffic like that. thankfully, we arrived at the education fair after struggling for so long (even walking there for a while… which was fun, really… no challenge 😉 ) did a marathon in the fair itself while keeping my hands open for brochures and then we were out again heading straight to A&W since it was already a few minutes past 8, the fair is closing and we were so hungry now that we’ve realized it. got home and slept at again, 12 past. what a day…

Thursday (Jeudi)

math test. that basically sums the whole thing up. i was so nervous since i didn’t get the chance to really study the day before because of coming home late and what not, but, i prayed fervently and studied as much as i could before the actual test itself. it was not so bad, i guess… God has blessed me, as He always have, and i feel like i aced it. things have gotten lighter after submitting the multimedia project and also doing the inflation presentation which went well, as i’ve hoped it would… not much happened that day– i had Mandarin which was always fun if you’re not insanely tired.. but still, i haven’t got my sleep revenge yet. i’ll wait until the weekends where everything is less controversial. it wouldn’t be funny if i take an education fair as a reason for me to doze of in math. ++ since i’m in the science stream, Thursday is like the most sacred day of the week. three science periods: scientific principles, chemistry, biology. plus a math test. now how could i have avoided that. i couldn’t skive school even if i wanted to. 😥

Friday (Vendredi)

i broke. in front of my friend, the librarian. i used to be close… but i drift away after getting into senior year of high school, since i have a lot more to do, and i have friends coming my way… but now that i’m struggling, and have no one to turn to, i turn to her. i don’t want to think of it as if i’m using her, although it does sound like it. Lord forgive me for i have sinned. but i think i will be spending a lot more time with her now. since the library is always filled with the smell of books, which i like, and the librarian is my friend… why wouldn’t i go there more often, now?? lol. 😀 i told her that if she ever thought about resigning from work, she could, but at the very least, when i graduate high school and leave off from there. and she laughed and hugged me… i am still smiling while writing this… it has been a long time since the last sincere hug that i got. i missed it. *sigh* i miss everything that have passed despite wanting to go forward all the time. i wonder if i’ll be missing high school. oh… fyi, if you’re wondering about those words in the brackets after the days, they are the name of the days in French. i had a French test… flunked two questions, but who cares? i’ll be stupid if i’m still thinking about it. i’ll try better in the future 😉

Saturday (Samedi)

and now, it’s 35 minutes past 12. i need to go to sleep fast. i guess that this will by far be the longest, most boring post that you’ll ever receive from me. fitting a week worth of things isn’t easy, you know? tried.. and failed i guess… but oh well… my eyes are droopy and my stomach is rumbling. i guess it would be best to just sleep now and dream about eating hamburgers. 😀

goodnight honey bees. sleep tight.

mood: sleepy. trying to relax and catch my breath.


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