the purple hair :) + the fun ^^

hey sweethearts!! 😀

a pinch and a punch for the first of the month ^^ what’s your October wish?? if you didn’t have one yet, make one. yes~ right now!!

well, i’m now writing while erasing the remnants of my black eyeshadow. i had fun today. not just ordinary fun, but that of the extraordinary one. one of the best.

well, we were treated… idk if it was lunch or dinner since we ate at like 2? but then again, the food was delicious and being the class that we are, we didn’t complain. we gobbled up the food gratefully and even finished everything up in a matter of minutes. lol. we’re a bunch of eating monsters.

we laughed, we smiled, we joked around. we blew candles and sing happy birthday for my dear dear friend Astri in which i like to call ‘mom’. i have been with her since i was like 2 or something. we’re really close. we talked about very random things and it was just very very exciting. something that i haven’t done in months. years, even…

and then… we went to marcelle’s house. (my other friend) with imelda, kevin, and glenn. unfortunately, my other two friends couldn’t make it. they have TOEFL lessons and so we proceeded without them. well, i hope we’re going to do these things with them sometime in the future, but do you know what we did specifically??

well, we painted our hair. we bought this sprayed hair color xD (i know it’s bad for the Earth. i’m sorry Earth. T.T why should you be suffering when i’m having fun?) mine’s purple. i look… weird, but A W E S O M E. we did our hair, we did our eyes, and then posed for like the nth time. seriously, i even get tired of posing for the camera. and then we did this fan music video. well, not really a fan since, yeah, i’m not really a fan of Justin Beiber, but one of my friend is, and so we did it anyway. it was embarrassing to say the least, but it would surely be something that i will never ever forget. something that will stick with me forever, a lingering memory. i like the idea of that. it was a happy memory. the only things left out would be a trustee LBD and killer heels– it would’ve made the situation even more festive. lol.

well, we went home late as expected… this is like the first time that i went home late WITHOUT getting screamed at. figures, since the last time i went home late was when i was in sixth grade. and it was going to Jakarta without any grown ups accompanying. mom getting angry was acceptable. but this, well, i was really fidgety and jumpy all the way back to my house that my friend even held my hand and said that it’s going to be okay. i really don’t want to get into a fight with my mom again, i really don’t. well, i came home, went inside, stride up the stairs and my mom was like “nice make up” with a smile on her face!! and i was like YESSSS!!~~ this is totally my day ^^ so i’m going to sleep, on the first night of October feeling the happiness that i have so long missed.

with my purple streaked hair, smokey eyes and breaking of curfew, i finally feel like i’m in high school. after being in it for approx 2 years and a half, this is the first time ever that i finally feel free– like a high school student should.

so, my October wish would be less drama. i mean drama is always fun in the right dose, but not too much… and also more fun and laughter; and of course i’m going pro for the more colorfully streaked hair + smokey eyes… hott~

i definitely enjoyed my first day of October. i had a blast and i hope that you too are enjoying your first of October.

be happy everyone. because happy times will always appear to show you that living in this world is indeed worth it. ^^

mood: nothing but the best

listening to: Ginkgo – Yusuke

picture: okay, so i post some already… what do you think? we’re the cute and sexy angels 😉 well, this cecil which is the girl on the middle at the picture down there was said to look like me. we’re called ‘the twins’ at school. lol. T.T even when i don’t see any resemblance, but i ❤ all my friends. they’re the awesomenest people you’ll ever meet 😉 GRADE11 SBR 2010-2011 FTW.


4 thoughts on “the purple hair :) + the fun ^^

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