too busy to be able to do the things i want to do.

hey blog. 🙂

didn’t write to you yesterday since i had a bulk of timed files that i have to do. not just the drama, i’m actually editing a radio show as well… which makes my schedule even tighter.

survived math and computing. have i told you that computing is killing me off… ? i’m tired of that teacher. at least speak clearly for once. i have the impression that he’s actually gurgling instead of speaking (very mean of me. i know, but wtv) and math was not as dreary.. it was okay.

anyway, i’m going to brainstorm while writing. it’s like killing two birds with one stone. although, you might get this post a little later… even after i’m done with my 500 word essay.

so what is hypocrisy? according to google definition, hypocrisy is “an expression of agreement that is not really supported by real conviction.

i guess that’s right. although, in my case, the opposite happens quite more than what the initial stated. mostly, my friends would give an expression of disagreement in a situation where they are actually in possession of the conviction. which is kind of weird. really… but anyway, she’s here now. my IELTS teacher.i should really go now. not posting it now, but see you later. not much of a brainstorm =.= but no choice. tsk. wish me luck.


okay, so i’m home now. and it’s now almost 8 which means that i have delayed posting this post for more than 8 hours. approx. 10 hours or so… *sigh* this day is not getting any better. and i could only be thoroughly relaxed (before getting stressed again) after recess tomorrow since i still have to do this role play for GAC.

i think i did the hypocrisy essay pretty well, despite not really conscious of what i’m typing. lol. i’m just typing whatever it is that came into my head and let my fingers dance on the keys. lol. really.. it was a tough job. to finish a 500 word essay in 45 minutes. thankfully, i did it alright. 😀 *high fives* thanks for all the well wishers.

so, today, i’m assigned a business studies, a history and a bahasa homework (more like projects) which was to be submitted, or presented more likely, by next week. isn’t that awesome or what? i’m really really really looking forward to the next holiday = midterm holiday somewhere in October. currently multitasking as per usual… trying to focus and remember my lines for the role play due tomorrow, is loading this drama that i have to edit, and is currently looking up ‘Winston Churchill’ on the net… oh, and i also need to watch this basketball video for a P.E assignment. seriously, i have nothing against basketball, but watching a 15 minute worth video of tall boys who moves like skittering beetles is not really my thing. ++ why on earth do you have a written assignment for P.E? it’s supposed to be Physical Education. get it? physical!!

see? i’m losing my marbles. and what time is it again? oh, it’s now 15 to 8. great. i’m sleeping late yet again.

so i better get moving or i’ll be sleeping at dawn. see you guys tomorrow…

mood: at least, better than i am before.

listening to: Aishiteru – Zivilia

picture: busyby ~arseni


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