my own version of paradise

the weekend is coming to an end soon enough…

don’t you guys think that weekends are never enough?? i do… *sigh* and i cannot help to just feel that way every time.

it’s this time again when i feel very pretty. lol. i’m not sure if i am though… i’ve heard of that everyone-is-pretty-in-their-own-way phrase, but sometimes, you just don’t buy it, you know? though i’m still struggling to plant that phrase in my head… i want to feel that i’m pretty every day! xD

so, i may have forgotten the promised detail on my Jakarta trip, but since i now remember it, i would totally write down a short account of it. a short account, in fact, only the account of the very interesting things that happened there since i kind of realized the account has expired days ago. whatever.. i hope you guys enjoyed it ^^


so basically, we stayed for two nights. and basically, i eat, swim, window shop, eat, swim, window shop with a little of sleep and bathroom trips in the middle. lol. i think i lose wait instead of gaining them this holiday trip. i exercise a lot, not to mention that i also walk a lot, and idk why but at that time, i don’t feel like eating much. it’s like my body is constantly feeling full even though i know that i’m so tired. have i mentioned the fact that i have to edit until three in the morning on the first night of the trip? yes. i was really really tired and really really sleepy, but i didn’t bother to eat. because… you don’t just eat when your stomach is full. period.

anyway, there are lots of fun parts in this trip. i get to window shop a lot, bought a few little trinkets and such, but the real interesting part comes when i get to go to this Times bookstore just around the corner from the hotel.

i was… ecstatic. to say the least.

it’s not like i don’t have bookstores close to my house back in Bogor, it’s just, oh man– it felt like a paradise. i’m loving every single thing about that bookstore. the bookstores in Bogor only sell Indonesian language books. i don’t mind the Indonesian books if it is originally written in Bahasa, but if i’m searching for an English book and what they have is only Bahasa translated books, then.. psh. forget about it.

the place had a homey feel to it and it was really nice there. it was quiet, spacious, inspiring (there are lots of quotes written on the walls) and there is this big… thing (idk how to describe it) where you could sit and just read books in peace. if you go upstairs, you would find this wonderful smelling cakery where you could enjoy a fresh hot cup of coffee and a slice of chocolate cake while reading a book. really, just describing to you guys makes me want to start the car and drive myself off to that place. T.T

everything in that trip felt short and unsatisfying. although i do get my share of fun, i really do feel that the holiday ends waaayyy too quickly.

good news is that i’m getting another 10 day break from school. mid-term holiday !! ^^ yeay! i might go to Bandung… and of course, the first thing you do when you get to Bandung is check those awesome factory outlets that sells high quality clothes for less. excited already. i already have a list of the things that i want to fish off from those tempting FOs… lol.

but, in the meantime, piano is nudging me in the ribs. so i just have to bid you guys goodbye for now and play my fingers off before anything else.

see ya peeps. ^^

picture(s): trusteed mobile phone ;D


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