hey babies… ^^

today’s a Saturday… don’t you feel excited? i know i am.

i feel happy today 😀 i went to my friend’s house with two other friends… we were there to celebrate her mom’s birthday. i had fun… we ate, we talked and slept together… we played with her cat which was so cute you could die because of his cuteness… xD i simply adore that cat. i’m never attracted to cats, with the exception of him… his name is Tuko and he is damn cute.

anyway, i’m happy. at least i deserve to be happy on a Saturday, right? i played piano for a while, trying not to force myself since i have more than enough people forcing me on a lot of things, ate a bowl of ice cream (which makes the day even better)… and for dinner, my mom is planning to take us out to a steamboat restaurant. could really imagine how good the food is already.. lol. in fact, we are just about to go so i must really finish this post quickly.

anyhow, i’m happy. and that is what matters. a toast to more happiness, laughter and love in the future ^^

have fun y’all… be wild. be happy. be free 😀

mood: Happy ^^

listening to: Explosive – Bond

picture: happyby ~F-mar


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