hey blog.

im sorry for going MIA on you for a couple of days.

could you believe me when i say that i’m really tired? i know i use the word ‘tired’ every time so it somehow loses its powers by now, but… i am. i’m wishing that the holiday would never end and somehow i could just zoom~ be in college soon.

i’m kinda messy right now, and in my condition, it is a bit hard to see where all of these things will go.

what’s good is that i can finally give in a little. i was so afraid of losing the things that i care about that i do tend to cling on harder because of fear. but i’m thinking of it as something that has come to an end. i mean, we can still be normal around the things that we’ve lost but you’ll know that everything wouldn’t be the same after that.

oh well… things change. people change… and i believe that i, along with my other friends change as well. so what? people change everyday, and a lot could happen in within a year.

i’m never good with endings but i’m sure that somehow a beginning is the start of an ending. and an ending is the start of a beginning. i’ve been holding on, and i have this feeling that they all didn’t like it. it’s good to be pushy. but sometimes, you just have to know the time to let go.

sometimes passion fade away, sometimes friendship grows old, and even love is lost. but c’est la vie. that is the core to all of the problems. it’s something that we have to get through… something that we need to be disappointed in, something that we need to shed tears on but then forgive and forget.

so even though these times have been a little hard on each of us, or maybe even for you readers, let us not give up. because despite what has been going on, and what changes you, you could still grow up, go to college, work your butt off, marry someone that you love, have kids, get old and still be able to look back and say “she was a good friend and she helped me grow.”

mood: indefinite. i’m still not sure how i’m feeling about all of this. tired. for sure~

listening to: All Rise – Blue

picture: I’m your friendby ~KuroiAnugeru


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