orange juice and nail polishes @ 11.49

g’morning 🙂 rise and shine!

i’m in a better mood than i’m in yesterday, which is good, so i’m not going to post some long boring entry today which i know bores all of you to no end.

today had started early. which was surprising considering i slept at 20 past 11 yesterday night. woke up at 5.30 AM today. felt like i was sleep walking while taking a shower and before i knew it, i was already in the church, listening to the first mass of Sunday, kneeling on the pew. and of course, the first thing i thought about when the mass ended was… coffee. i needed a good dose of caffeine to stop me from yawning all day. so we stopped by gram’s house to drink a cup of coffee and also having breakfast.

i’m now back though… typing while letting my blueberry jam nail polish to dry… also drinking a cup of cool cartoned orange juice. i’m too lazy to fresh squeeze it myself… the instant way was just to stop by the grocery and buy a litter of orange juice. 😀 well, i’m not supposed to drink orange juice since i found out yesterday that i was having an upset stomach. i guess i’m not eating properly these past few days or whatnot, but you can’t blame me! it’s a hot day today and i just CANNOT resist the temptation. so there you have it. i hope i’m not going to get some painful stomach aches later in the day.

figure i’ll be doing IELTS today. i’ve been wanting to do it for a million years but i got too distracted by everything, every time. both of my sisters are now watching Star Trek outside, but i really have to hold my ground and just visit that baby IELTS book that i haven’t touch for a while now. it looks like my dear Spock has no other choice rather than to await my return. lol. loading episode 5 of this drama that i’m supposed to be editing as well. the file hasn’t been PMed to me yet, though.. i just want to have a head start on the whole thing. feeling a little guilty that the last episode’s progress was halted by me because of the Jakarta trip and whatnot.

anywho, i’m going now. so much to do, so little time. not to mention, i still have to practice piano today since i’m having my lesson tomorrow (oh bummer) and also having to teach my sister Mandarin and piano. so yes.. i’m going O F F now. see ya!!



mood: carefree

listening to: Banana Pancakes – Jack Johnson

picture: Sunny Orange Juice+by ~Mellosaur


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