Always Keep The Faith

i was in the car, reading my newly bought GoGirl magazine and saw this ad on a froyo. i instantly felt sick.

i think that’s the effect of eating too much. my family and i just arrived back home from eating in this Japanese restaurant named Midori. idk if it’s the effect of eating too much rice in my Tori Katsu Jyu or drinking a pot of cold green tea. bottom line, i think i ate a lot more than what my stomach could handle.

anyways, i’m now back… and is going to put up a rather opinionated entry, so i hope you guys are ready. if you by chance have a prejudice against long thoughtful rambles and Korean boy bands, then you could always click the (x) button on the upper right of your screen and just go on with whatever you’re doing. you have been warned. proceed with caution.

first off, i have to introduce you to this korean boy band that i have adored since last year. you might think that they are just some ridiculous boy band who got famous by looks. well, they’re all stunningly gorgeous, alright… but they do have what it takes to be famous significantly. this boy band’s fan club has landed on the Guinness Book of World Records twice for having the most members. 800k fans. and it was a couple of years ago.. AND only in Korea. not including their Japanese fans, which is the second largest, and also fans living in other Asian countries and also Western countries. i even met some coming from Romania. T.T

long story short, their progress as an artist are continually halted by conflicting contracts or conflicts with their agencies or whatnot. it happened once, which resulted in the breaking of the 5 members into 2 subgroups. it was an awful day for us Cassiopeians (name we fans adopt) and now, the second time that it happened, one of the subgroup, JYJ, has to suspend their activities in Japan.

–i’ve been erasing a lot of paragraphs by now. it’s not really something i can easily write about. for people who are not familiar to the Asian culture, they might think that this entry is total rubbish. but it’s not. it’s about caring for others, caring about people who have influenced you and have, subconsciously, gave example to you about how things are done in the honest way. about just striving to get what you want, but being grateful and humble after achieving it. it’s not about being silly for caring about 5 strangers that you don’t personally know, or about minding other people’s business. it’s not.

the thing about most Asian entertainment agencies is that they DO NOT adequately respect their artistes. it’s either using them as money-making machines, abusing them in what’s prettily known as exclusive contract a.k.a slave contract and many other disgustingly horrid ways. i’m getting tired of the illusion that some of them would be better to their artistes than other agencies are, and at this point, i don’t really care anymore. it’s a downer to know that you believe something that is not true all along. Asian artistes could sleep less than 4 hours a day, having to train for approx. 8 hours for both singing and dancing separately, and that excludes fan meetings, fan signings, concert practices and the sort. so i pretty much believe that they’re living like unfed hamsters since last year.

my point is, why make it so hard for them? regardless of their split, i’m not a team for either the subgroups. i’m only keeping the faith for DBSK and the only thing that they’ve ever done is work hard to sing on stage, and having people love them for being an artist, a singer, and themselves. is it so wrong to work hard for everything that you want? if it’s wrong that i’ll be damned. i’ve worked so darn hard for everything that i want and i’m not having people telling me that what i’m doing is wrong. nu-uh, i’m not having ANY of that.

so when i heard the news that their activities have been suspended just because of another silly greed delivered from their Japanese agency, i’m practically chastising my computer. the first thing that entered my mind is ‘zomg they did not just did that!’ and when i read further, it’s like disappointments well up in my chest. they work hard to be recognized by the world as artistes who delivers high quality performances, and all they did was give good examples to us fans. if nothing, those entertainment companies should just go to hel* for wasting such pure motivations and raw talents. honestly speaking, i’m ashamed, and i felt a little betrayed to find that they’re actually stuffing their heads for more $$ instead of trying to sincerely help these young souls to achieve their dreams. if it continues at this rate, than how could we differentiate the good guys from the bad guys? the lines are getting too blurry…

so, personally, i think that people who chow down on other people’s hard work should just shut their pie hole. because whatever excuses are stored in their briny brains are no longer tolerable, let alone acceptable. i hope that the people who suffer against unethical actions caused by others would be granted patience and the ability to control themselves because they are right, and not because they are weak.

that’s really the end of my long ramble. i sincerely apologize for the rather abusive use of negative adjectives. again, to those who read: this is solely my opinion and you are free to reject the ideas that i’ve written. to dear Cassiopeias: Always Keep The Faith~

picture: obtained a long time ago through a blog. sorry for not crediting. (Mirotic promotional shoot)


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