to be a bee.

hey blog. another day had dawned and, i just had breakfast.

slept in again this morning. lol. couldn’t help it. the temptation was too great. walked down the stairs to find that everyone had had breakfast and the leftover piece of bread was sitting in front of my chair, waiting for me to chow it all down. the bad news among all of this is that now i’m having a stomach ache. the ‘thing’ is like twisting my stomach. *whimpers*

anyway, i’ve decided to dedicate today for piano. i’m going to learn all of the techniques, all the skills, all the emotions… i’m going to try my best.

but it’s funny how the definition of ‘best’ alters over time. at some point in the past, you think your best is that much. that much force that you’ve exerted from your body. but through time, you realize that what you gave isn’t good enough. my question is, when is it going to be enough? is it going to be an unending pursuit of it, (like happiness) or will it, at some point, have a limit of its own and tells you that… ‘yes, this is as far as it goes’.

anyhow, i’m going to learn all that fine details of legato, staccato, tone of voice, expressions, emotions…. emotions of heartbreak, of sorrow, of happiness, of cheerfulness, and all the other -ness there is to expression names.

when i see other people trying their best in what they do, i feel ashamed that i cannot be even half as hardworking as they are. people like that always earn my respect. and somehow, rooting from my wishful thinking, i hope that someday, people will respect me… and among other things, respect me because i will always try my best.

until then blog. i shall see you in our next meeting 😉 wish me luck~ and good luck to you too.

mood: trying to focus myself

listening to: W – JYJ

picture: Hardworkingby ~tomex (i love this picture. the bee is the perfect example of a hardworking insect. ++ the flowers are a favorite of mine 🙂 daisies)


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