happy doing nothing.

hey people!!

i guess i’m not going to write much today, since, yes, nothing much happened today.

today, i had the pleasure of walking in the morning, sleeping after bathing, eating a delicious lunch, and now chatting and surfing the internet since lunch time up till now.. the worst thing today might be going to the dentist later in the afternoon. i’m hoping to take a nap now… since i’m lazy like that. lol. occasional laziness is tolerable if not acceptable, right friends?

times like these makes me realize how lucky i am to be born adequate. i’m not handicapped, i have a home, my fridge is stocked, i have my loving parents sleeping in the other room and also having my sisters gather up at the same bed, sleeping. i feel blessed… really blessed.

i mean, life… is supposed to be hard. but we should also consider ourselves lucky since there are more people living a harder life than we are. and i guess that’s the end of my revelation.

my thumb’s shaking… tsk. random much? lol. i don’t know what else to say. so i rather wish you a goodluck and a goodbye for now rather than wasting all of your precious time. see ya sweethearts~ enjoy your day.

mood: weirdly enough, happy to be doing nothing.

listening to: Get Ready – JYJ

picture:Contentby ~Old-Smaug


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