pinpoint of the day: McD for breakfast :)

hey everyone!! πŸ™‚

do you know what i’m trying to do right now? i’m trying to hold myself from making a cup of coffee and downing it in one shot.

reason? current time log: 3 minutes to 9. and i had milk tea already just recently. i hope i’m not getting addicted with caffeine. oh mashed potatoes… please help me!

anyways, i’ll be leaving for Jakarta in approximately 12 hours and haven’t packed yet. well, it’s nothing big. but i think i should start packing a couple of things as to prevent a flustered me in the morning. see? one of the major problems going on here (well, not really major.. major for me now, yes) is that i’m really sleepy, but then again, today’s the last day of fasting for the Muslim people, and they are having ‘Malam Takbiran’ which bottom line says crackling fireworks and the chanting of prayers all night. it might be rude for me to actually say this, yes, i’m complaining, but don’t get me wrong. i’m not against this festivities whatsoever. i respect them, and so i think i can tolerate– it only happens once in a year anyway…

so!… today’s a very chilly day here. which is unexpected nowadays in the time of global warming. but seriously, it gets so cold here that i could snuggle up in my blanket while writing and feel comfortable. my dad comes home as well today!! πŸ˜€ major yeay! and we ate breakfast in McDonalds after picking him up from the bus station, so this day has practically gone smoothly if not happily. yes! a happy day ^^ i’m all smiles right now.

but there is one problem though… i’m actually appointed as a permanent staff again, on which i’m not complaining (i love my volunteer work too much!! πŸ˜€ ) but, i’m going tomorrow and when i last check today, the third episode has come to the timing phase while the fourth episode is currently being spot translated. so i have a very big hunch that i’m going to get the projects tomorrow.. which is a bummer since i’m going to be on vacation. i hope there is wi-fi available in the hotel i’m staying in… if not then, well, i’m dead meat. darn it!~ i shall find a way… *thinks and thinks*

so yeah, i’m basically dried up right now. i fried my brain just about 30 minutes ago trying to concentrate on playing and practicing piano when i know that i’m so tired already. but what can i do? i’m going for 3 days, and i do have my responsibilities. i think i’ll sneak in some time to practice tomorrow = packing time now.

if i could get a decent internet connection tomorrow i shall update ^^ but if not, see you in 3 days my babies~ i’m missing you already…

mood: tired, but happy

listening to: Seandainya – Vierra

picture: Freakish Fast Foodby *kickass-peanut

oh, and check out: FAST FOOD ANIMATIONS << click here! — it’s really cool… i’m not good at flash player which is why i think that the thing was super awesome. lol πŸ˜›


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