i had fun ;) thanks mom


*smile* hey blog! i read in an article somewhere today that you should share your happiness with the ones that you love. so here, i’m sharing them since i’m so happy today. *smiles teethy grin again* have you received my 1000000 watt virtual smile? you better ^^ because i guarantee that you’ll be better in an instant πŸ˜‰

well, yesterday didn’t go as planned. i didn’t do anything yesterday. like seriously. i didn’t do ANYTHING. had too much fun and i’m kinda resentful of it. why? because it means i’m going to have to do all the dirty stuff today. and dun dun dunnn~ Monday tomorrow. and i’ll be sort of suffering 4.30 PM on the dot tomorrow.. so wait and see my next post if you don’t have anything to do OR your life is just too perfect that i could ramble on and on about how infuriating my teacher is without ruining your mood. whichever.

anyways, i’m getting off topic here. so i went at 3.00 PM yesterday to Jakarta after window shopping with my mom. turns out the window shopping session was longer that we’ve imagined it to be.. so that’s that. but i’m not complaining~ πŸ˜‰ and then i went home and hurriedly bathed and dress appropriately. i was off by 3. The party was at Heartz Chicken Buffet. like an all you can eat. so yeap~ you guessed it. a cheat day. again. so we ate and talked, ate and talked, ate and talked until our stomachs are stuffed with all those greasy fried chicken, delicious mashed potatoes, salads, fruits and not to mention ice cream– and then it was time to go home. i chatted with my friends on the ride back home, and was back by 11 past. gosh~ it was such a tiring day. read for a few minutes and then went to bed by 12.

thus~ i was surprised by a rather shocking interruption by my mother. she asked if i would walk with her around the neighborhood for a morning exercise. recalling my somehow ungracious amount of food that i ate the previous day, i accepted without further ado. we were back, i ate breakfast, did my chores (teaching my sister Mandarin and Piano) and then i bathed. and then guess what? all of a sudden, she asked if we would go out to eat at a Japanese fast food restaurant. i was like a child jumping in joy. do you know that moment when you’re still considered a child, and you get this shoulder ride, or a swing on the arm or even a lift with your mom or dad saying “Super Baby!” you just have this inexplainable feeling of joy. like you’re wanted and that they cared for you as much as you cared for them. so i guess, despite thinking that i might have to do all the leftover works today, i had a blast. thanks to my mom (refer to the title) i ❀ her ^^ i’m going to store this happiness away and save it for tomorrow. because, well, i’m hoping it to be decent, but if it goes ugly, i know i will have something to hold on to.

anyhow, i really have to get going now. i’ll practice piano right after i post this entry and then do the rest of the stuff that i need to do.

trying to believe in oneself and radiating happiness from within,


mood: nothing but happy πŸ˜€

listening to: Sixteen Going On Seventeen – Sound of Music OST.

picture: funby ~ahmed-Alsheme


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