a sigh says it all.

*sigh* okay, well, i’m now half chastising myself for starting this entry with a sigh, particularly since i didn’t update yesterday. but there you have it. a sigh.

it’s FINALLY Friday. gosh. idk if i should be happy or not. a dilemma i’m not ready to face is Monday. you guys should know that well by now, right? i hate Mondays. i’m trying my hardest though… i just don’t understand why that teacher of mine doesn’t believe the evidence of my struggle.

but first of all, i’m going to say my excuses as usual. >.< gah~ that’s a bad thing– saying excuses. but well, here goes. i slept at 1 AM last night. true, and i’m not kidding. yeah. and i slept very late yesterday because i was helping my sister with her ESL project. gosh~ she slept halfway through it and i continued by myself. so naturally, today being a Friday, sleeping in the early morning yesterday, and also still having this considerable amount of work pisses me off… i have to somehow perfect the ESL video… relink some missing pictures and also re-edit my Bahasa Indonesia video. somehow, i come to think that these projects and homeworks will never cease to exist. it will only refill itself automatically.. gosh, am i sick of it.

well, i just got back from break-fasting together. no, it’s not having breakfast for dinner ( if that makes sense at all) but yeah, it’s a tradition in my school where we dedicate an afternoon to break the fast together. you don’t have to be a Muslim to join the thing, it’s a really general party… but we enjoyed ourselves nevertheless… 🙂 i had fun ^^ free food galore!! lol.

anyways, i probably should sleep early today. i’m going to a friend’s party tomorrow afternoon. with the editing thing going on, and my piano practices… i’m not quite sure how i’m going to manage all that. *sigh* — *again* i shall be patient and see the course to come.

see you sweet bloggers and readers alike,

your tired writer,


mood: tired.

listening to: Last Night – Skillet

picture: Silent Sigh.by *t0x1c-d0LLy


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