sleepy already and it’s still  8 past 4 in the morning… lame-o.

i think, i’m not surprised since i slept well past 12 last night, and yeah, not updating again. 6 hours of sleep.. i should really get used to this.

well, i started this day feeling rather crappy… which is not good. idk why everyone is cranky today… my mom who was cross with me right after breakfast, my sister who pissed me off, and naturally, i’m not in a good mood right now… so to say.

i’m trying to be in a good mood– but it’s going to be a bit tough now considering the first subjects that are on cue to torture me on this particularly ugly morning is computing and math.

i mean, what else could you learn from Excel? it’s the most ridiculous thing to study in gr. 11 computing study. i wish we could learn something more useful. something like CSS codes, timing, encoding vids, using programs used for subbing, etc. that would be in better use for me and my future. but excel.. psh. i know we would use excel frequently as well, but things like entering data to the cell.. =.=a i mean, the answer to that statement would just to ‘type’ it. get it? i’m not trying to underestimate things, but believe me the subject is both sporadic and boring.

*sigh* moving on from my rant, i’m hoping that i could really finish things quicker. i got this really really really good inspiration yesterday as to my writing, but it pains me to know that i couldn’t do it yet. not before i finish my tasks, and believe me, i still have a lot to do.

i might not be able to blog often nowadays… i’m trying to stay focused on my studies and my personal projects.. although, i’m not promising myself that i can stay away from my dear blog. typing in wordpress.com is so tempting once i get on my computer 😉

well, until then bloghearts. i’m going to try my best here, so be sure to try your best there as well… wherever you are.

let’s fight together!! 😀 HWAITING!

mood: tired. but is trying to hang on

listening to: Juliette – SHINee

picture: Tiredby ~XxBirtaxX


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