hey peeps. i’m back. current time log: 11.25 AM. and i’m going to have my lunch soon… *sigh*

honestly, i came here because boredom is slowly trying to kill me with its nothingness. well, i went through Academic English already.. listening and speaking; and then it was music (i didn’t do much) and then PE. there was a little misunderstanding there during PE time and we were sort of lost as to what we should do. we ended up doing nothing at class, just chatting amongst ourselves, and in my case, writing here.

do you know that feeling of excitement in the pit of your stomach when you see a particular music video that you like.. or, a movie, or when you hear a good song…?? i may be delusional, but i know there is something out there waiting for me. something exciting, something worth the wait and struggle of hardships.. and i’m waiting for that moment. i should work hard and challenge myself…

i’m hoping for your blessings dear readers. i’m sure there is more than just this to me and my future. i’m sure of that..

but for now, i’m experiencing a rather acute rumbly in the tumbly… i should probably eat lunch now. see you when i see you blog… good times await both you and me ;D believe in that!

mood: optimistic

listening to: Chocolate Love – SNSD

picture: T h e h o u r sby ~Elena-sugarock


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