getting what i want.

ow ow ow! major ow!! it was four mouth ulcers days ago… now added with one big zit on my chin and the start of hair loss, i’m really beginning to feel my stress now. grr~ welcome back.

so yeah… i haven’t been stressed in quite a while now… a month or so since the end of school year holiday which ended last july. oh why did it end? it was so perfect!

i swear… those projects and homeworks are sneaking behind my back. it was like, i didn’t know of their presence but then all of a sudden, i’m getting massive stacks of them piling up on my desk. it doesn’t feel right. it got to the point where it is not funny anymore.

*sigh* but, i’m trying to survive. according to Darwin’s theory, ‘survival of the fittest’, only the strong survives. and i have to survive. i just have to…

there is a famous Shakespearean quote that said: “expectations is the root to all heartbreaks.” — and let’s just say that, i expect a lot from myself. i’m not that kind of person you see surrendering her own future to fate’s hands. i want to do something about it. i believe in destiny, but i also have a belief in hard work.. and that i have to achieve the things that i want. and i want a lot of things. you guys can be sure of that. and so, in order to be sure that i wouldn’t be crushed of all my childhood hopes and dreams, i’m trying to realize all of that starting from now…

with the load of work that i’m having now, and the piano thing that is ongoing until 5th of November, i’m not having a chance to continue my writing. AT ALL. which is sad, and a little disheartening since i’m really expecting it to be good. it HAS to be good. again, another expectation.

talking about piano lessons, i’ll be having another one tomorrow. i really get to hate this lesson in a matter of weeks. but i don’t want to hate it. i shall fight my subconsciousness and start liking it again. i figured out that you have to like something in order to succeed.. and i’m going to show my piano teacher that i’m no joke. that i’m going to ace in that test.

moving on, i’m today going to feature a rather special picture. this is a picture that my uncle had taken by himself when he went to Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital city. to be honest, i don’t know a lot of things regarding photographies, and couldn’t exactly put out the extremities of the detail to light, but i know how to distinguish between a good photo and a bad photo. and i have to say that this one is not just good… but of high definition. and i like how the picture really shows the people of lower classes here, dealing with subsistence living. the photo was featured as an honorable mention in Scott Kelby’s 3rd Annual Worldwide Photowalk. again, congratulations uncle… it was well deserved. i must say that all the photos that was mentioned as well as the photo which won the grand prize was epic. it was, of course, photos which was taken by really talented photographers worldwide and i could assure you that the reasons why they were featured are legit. it was just really really good. check them out yourself!! <link>

that’s all for today. i’m going to start hustling again with my homework. until then loved ones…

mood: i’m readyyy!!~

listening to: Mine – Taylor Swift

picture: Jakarta Capital, Indonesia – Adrian Gunawan



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