homeworks homeworks written on the board

“No work is too heavy if we divide them into small pieces” – Henry Ford

okay. so i’m going to try my best, forget to think and just do it.

i mean, i cannot help feeling sad this past few days, but i wouldn’t want to be sad my whole life! i want to say: Je suis tres content instead of Je suis tres triste. i’m not sure if i have finally bumped my bum onto the bottom of the well or not, but i know it would be soon. i just have to be patient and work my hardest.

so life… life is difficult. but beautiful at the same time. it is hard to talk about life when i am, at this state, lost as to what i want to do with MY life. i think too much~ and it’s starting to get on me.

well, i didn’t do much today. i blogged, i chatted for the last one hour already… so i think it is really now time for me to start my progress on work *sigh*

oh, and i think i have failed to tell you that i did an ICAS test today. i forgot what it stands for, but basically the school selects students which whom they would like to be represented by, to do tests… i did the english one. it’s a test to know how good the school is in teaching that subject. in a sense, it wasn’t hard nor was it easy. but i really did feel that nerve wrecking time limit. how could you possibly finish doing 9 or 10 reading comprehensions in just one hour?? last the whole test is about reading and answering questions. and must i stress that it was LONG reading?? an A4 worth of reading for every reading comprehension. shoot me~

finished running as a PE homework. like seriously… could it sound even more ridiculous? but then i’m done with that. i did my iron curtain summary, did the IELTS thing, and is starting to eliminate the science projects, homeworks and whatnot.

okay, so maybe, i should stop writing now. wish me luck friends ^^ i’m really going to try my best.


  • mouth tastes like blood. 3 mouth ulcers at a time is not a good idea.
  • oh… and i was meaning to apologize for my previous sad entries. i hope it didn’t discourage your spirit in living life to the fullest. i might not be able to restrain myself from writing suckish entries once in a while just because i feel so rotten inside that i just have to write it down somewhere… but i’m not lovin’ it either–and am trying to get back up. live a good life guys and girls ๐Ÿ˜€

mood: HWAITING!!

listening to: Hey! Don’t Bring Me Down – DBSK

picture: my own picture. a picture of my classroom board a few days ago. it has even more ‘decorations’ to it now. oh homework, oh project, oh tests.


4 thoughts on “homeworks homeworks written on the board

  1. Aww Iggs haha, stumbled across this because of Youtube ^_^ I’m too lazy to keep updating any kind of blog thing.
    AH~! Right, I noticed you have the exact same history stuff as me haha, Gross!!

    *Kinda feel like a stalker right now O.o*

    o.o I don’t do chemistry though haha it must be hard. Anywho. That was me being bored and random, i need to go work on Modern History Research Journal *insert sour face*
    Cya later iggs.

    1. haha… hey emm!! it’s nice to finally meet you here ^^ welcome to the blog… lol. a rather crappy one i might say.
      yeah, i update every so often just to actually share… i feel sort of bloated if i don’t. >.<
      i guess it's not surprising since we are both in grade 11 now… lol. how is school for you anyway?? i bet it's still working you up, huh?
      well, let's fight together emm darlingg!!~~ HWAITING! ๐Ÿ˜€

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