it’s dark in here.

*yawns and rubs eye* hey bloghearts…

today’s entry couldn’t really be classified as an entry, or as a thought or something on the line to that… but yeah, it’s just a piece of writing i do before i go to bed for you loyal readers. (whoever you are 😉 )

time log: 11:10 PM. and i’m so ridiculously tired because of the load of homeworks and projects and not to mention evaluations and tests that piles up shamelessly in my agenda. gosh~ i need a breather.

i’m not in my best condition, i have so much things to do and so much things to think about, i have deadlines chasing after me, i’m suffering from mouth ulcers and i’m also sleepy– so i better hit the sheets now.

what i do know is that i have to get out of this well very soon. it doesn’t matter if i’m not ready yet, but i’m just desperate to get out of here. let’s just get it done with~ i want to just hit the bottom of the well and start climbing my way up towards the sunshine. if say that person that i’m longing for couldn’t be here for me now… then what the heck. i could meet them another time in another place or whatever… what i’m more concerned about is just breathing the fresh air once again rather than inhaling damp air scented with a rich mossy and earth smell.

good night lovelies…. my best to you guys… i really do hope you are having a better life than i’m having right now.

mood: tired. and all of those mentioned above.

listening to: Bad Girl Good Girl – MissA

picture: love. is. blind…by ~D4D1


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