as you might have noticed from my previous posts, i’m not in my best condition these days. idk… i figured out that i have these periods where i sink down a well, but i will get up eventually sometime after that.

i think i’m somewhere inside the well right now. and in the worst position. it’s like i haven’t touched the bottom yet to be able to climb back up, but it’s dark already. and i feel lost.

there is just something inside of me that longs for someone. just anyone. a boy or a girl… or half half. if that is even possible– to just be with me.

is it too much for me to ask for someone who can assure me that good things will still happen in this life? i mean literally, i know that things will co-exist together. where there is bad, there will be good. i’m tired of always being the one who supports either my sisters, my mom, my friends… and downright, myself.

because everyone deserves a little piece of faith every now and then. that feeling where you feel that everything is going to be alright, and also someone who could make you be sure that those things that has a fairytale feel to it really do exist.

you must be out there somewhere~ i just hope that i’ll meet you soon enough.

mood: tired. busy. = not a good combination

listening to: This Song – 2AM

picture: Faithby ~D4D1


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