“and time. it’s all i ask for… time. i just need one more day”

and so the list goes along. i guess i lose track of them.

but really, when you think about it, and when i think about it, i know that a golden rule exists for each different individuals.

for me, …

Don’t get distracted.

because once i do get distracted, i know i can never get out of it. i do a lot of things at once and sometimes, you just lose your concentration on multitasking. and that sucks. in the end, you end up worrying about a lot, but doing nothing. and that’s not funny… and not productive.

so here i am. i’m trying to push myself to get out of this ‘chain of distraction’.

you might think that this post is entirely useless… well, maybe you’re right. or maybe you haven’t noticed the hidden truth yet. but whatever it is, it is for you guys to decide. i mean, i myself am still confused. idk myself that well… and i doubt other people would, even though they say they do… they don’t.

i realize that i keep worrying about unimportant things that i simply forgot about everything else. my friends, the one who cares about me, my responsibilities, my goal… my dream~ and that’s sad.

i guess i’m not quite close to achieving that ‘period of enlightenment’ yet. because deep down, i’m still so raw. and again, afraid of losing myself.

what i do know is that i’m not broken despite everything. and i don’t need any fixing just yet.

mood: trying to do my best, and crossing my fingers for faith

listening to: Broken – Secondhand Serenade

picture: brokenby ~Cernobyte


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