:damn regret:


i’m back guys πŸ˜€

so, today is really a normal Saturday. i would’ve been in Jakarta in some school doing audition for the ‘Les Miserables’ drama that my teacher has offered me. but mom thought that my workload was too much. argued a little with her since i don’t want to miss the opportunity (opportunity = key word; you now know what i’m talking about in that particular previous post of mine) well, to be honest, it felt a little hard, but then again, if by chance, they offer me again next year, i’m eager to try. just try~ it will not hurt anyone.

instead, i spent my day in my gram’s house, doing nothing but watch a newly bought Disney’s Tinkerbell movie with my smaller cousins and sisters… it was a lot of fun as i still adore Disney. πŸ˜€ and we went to church this afternoon. for once, we attended an English based mass. i’ve been there a couple of times before, but it has been a long time since i went there last. perhaps, half a year ago? a year ago? i’m not sure … but of course, the sisters there recognized me and asked me if i would like to read the second reading + some other things. i couldn’t say no.

i mean, despite being extremely nervous until i get that instantaneous chill on the tips of my fingers and toes (mind you, my toes and nails turned purple all the way– one of my bad insecurity habits), i had to agree. i find it hard to say just ‘no’ to the people whom i cared about even though not knowing them personally. so in spite of my blood not reaching the tips of my toes and fingers and my heart racing 5 m/sec, i did it (excuse my excessive use of hyperbole)

God has helped me through everything that i have in life. when i was small, my mom prayed on my behalf, and i found my way. now, i prayed, and i found my way as well. God helped me everyday, it is just me that is not sensitive enough to be grateful of everything that He has given me. so, i figure that a little service for Him wouldn’t do me any harm. and it did not πŸ˜‰ because i know He was there with me all the way.. ^^

well, yeah… that was it. i’m going to continue writing now. i promise myself that i will get it done by Christmas this year so i have to hustle. ++ i’m not getting files to edit lately since the site has gone through a semi hiatus recently. i hope that it gets back on soon enough. i’m itching to edit… lol.

anyway, this is the end of today’s entry. i’m hoping that you readers have a good day yourself if not better πŸ˜€

your forever ‘small-eyed’ writer,


mood: a little cheerful since i’m painting my toenails red πŸ˜€

listening to: Damn Regret – Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

picture: life – xanga.com (i really don’t know the original source. i got this picture from a friend. no copyright infringement intended. )


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