Carmex & Impact

hey! i’m back!

phew~ it was actually a while since i’ve came back from the ‘filming site’ which was BFF’s house. lol. we’ve finally completed that task to shoot a commercial. and guess what commercial we shot? a treadmill commercial? yeah~ we’ve gone nutso.

i knew there was something wrong with that teacher. i mean, the first week of school and already a commercial to do?? i would expect the regular short essay questions kind of thing. but oh no… he was way beyond that.

anyways, i’m currently editing the video so that it may look the least bit professional tomorrow. well, to be frank, i’m not that good with editing either. it’s just that my friend’s aren’t up to it and since someone should do it, so yeah… i’m doing it. plus++ i’m editing the header for this blog here. i’ve changed the theme if you guys haven’t yet noticed it, but i think it is better this way. idk why… it looks– spacey. lol

anyways, i’m juggling things right now. business studies, editing video, editing header until reading and commenting on fanfics my forum friend had written. i mean, the latter isn’t really important, but i feel obliged to do that. you know? it feels like… it’s merely in service of a friend. my mother doesn’t know a lot about my struggles so more than often i have to console myself and support myself so that i wouldn’t be down the drain sobbing. but when you try and support other people, you feel happy 😀 it’s like, you did something good to the world.

so that’s the end of my rather short entry. or was it long? wtv, i just hope that you guys enjoyed it.

i’ll be back fosho. it’s just that… when i’m not back soon, you’ll know i’ll be working my head off with those ridiculous home works. tsk. commercial ~ ._.

oh.. and the title is not really of the usual. to make it clear, the title was ‘carmex and impact’ because both of those are what helped me through these hard times. yes~ i seem to get my lips chapped more often now and i hate flaky lips. believe it or not, it distracts me and makes it harder for me to get on with my homework (i’m not a salesperson and Carmex isn’t paying me or anything, but you should try it; like definitely.) and then the impact thing.. i mean, it’s candy–and candies are sweet. i need that energy booster from time to time. so these two are my ‘now’ personal heroes. lol (plus, it’s colors matched each other… :p)

until then, your ‘i’m-tired-but-i-have-to-do-this-crap’ writer,


mood: sleepy… i’m not gonna lie this time

listening to: Take You Down – Chris Brown

picture: my own picture. freshly taken by my mobile phone 😉


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