i need coke~

*sigh* i’m back and just had a quick dinner. not so quick.. but i didn’t feel like eating. i felt that i ate enough skittles today to last me a life time.. although i won’t guarantee that.

so yeah, i’m blogging first thing now because i had an inkling previously that i won’t be able to update my blog today… which sucks. i will be doing homework for the next two hours or so and will try and go to bed early since i’ve practically slept at 12AM ++ for the last two days. and i just started school. so much for taking everything slowly.

right. school today was fun. French was postponed… but i’m not that surprised. you know, being in the same school for my entire 14 years of life has led me to understand what it could and couldn’t handle. when it comes to exclusivity (since other foreign languages aren’t taught at my school before this), i could just bet that the school wouldn’t have the curriculum planned for the French lessons yet. it would be postponed or at the worse– canceled. that’s my school.. but i’m not here to rant today.

something that was interesting for me was the first Science foundation lesson that i had today. since i’m taking the science stream, my schedule will be packed with science based subjects. thus… the lesson. my science teacher who was sick last week (had stomach ulcers. i could just imagine how bad that was… regurgitating blood. awful >.<), told the whole science stream class that he did an experiment on glowworms (he was a scientist). idk if my friends found it even remotely interesting, but it was something new….. and different. unique 😉

anyways, i’m home now… gonna work out in a minute after posting this blog while waiting for my ‘happy pill’ videos to work. i shall reply on forum friend’s PMs and FB comments and that would be that. no more social networking for me since i have to finish my Business studies homework today. i wish i could finish it today…

i’m like rushing things out because i have a couple of proposals to make. and they are of serious matter. see– my friends and i would be trying to organize this sort of sports and arts event for the school… we have to work from now onwards because we have to gather participants, sponsors, and whatnot. this stuff is literally making my head dizzy ++ i have to record a commercial tomorrow and practice marching. so that is my stuffed schedule for tomorrow…

i’ll see you around soon. i promise you that i’ll update tomorrow– again, if i have time.

your forever insane writer,


mood: tired, but homework hyped

listening to: BoJangles – Pitbull

picture: picture of coca-colas — tumblr.com (idk the exact source… please do tell me if you know)


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