a passing note~

this entry is called a passing note for a reason.

i’m not going to update today. a headstart. (an excuse really.. so that you readers-if there are some- will not bash me for my lack of commitment) and yeah, no pictures, no statuses, no details, no nothing. but oh well…

the thing is i was supremely and extremely busy this afternoon. not doing homeworks. but doing stuff, you know… practicing piano (i’m having my exams in like 3 months. i’m practically pulling my hairs out), a bit of writing, organizing tomorrow’s movie treat, and youtube <– pretend that i don’t say that.

anyway, i’m running out of time. almost 10, and yeah, curfew… remember?

plus, tomorrow the Olympic Games is going to be held at school, which needs a hell of a lot of energy. and i’m going to retire early tonight. (early for me… not for mom, mind you)

i’m sorry for the lack of update today, but i’m promising you a decent one tomorrow… until then.




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