pieces of art

hey blog.. we meet again 😀

so yeah, today’s fine. lessons are going great and tomorrow i’ll have lessons again… while Friday will be an olympics day (like class gatherings where we play games in our respective houses) i’m a Corinthian 😉 go yellow! lol.

anyways, i’m currently loading pics up my fb so that i could just give you the link. i guess it would be better that way since uploading lots of pictures will take a lot of time, and guess what? i don’t have a lot of time.. because…. YES! you got it! i broke curfew again. by an hour precisely now… T.T sad. i’m still breaking the rules. the rebel in me just cannot be tamed (wow… that sounds familiar *coughmileycyruscough* >>and honestly, i really really really don’t like that song. sorry to all you miley fans out there) anyways, i’m just posting up a picture of the stack of books i have yet to read. the holiday felt surprisingly short despite being 5 weeks long and i don’t have time to read all of them. in fact, i’m just through 2/3 of a book in the picture. such a failure.

yeah, that’s about it. no weird happenings, silly doings, or anything of the like going on today. i must sleep. and soon. mom’s going to blow her horn any minute now.

na-nights reader…

your rebel writer,


p.s >> list of book from top to bottom:

*Map Of Love- Ahdaf Soueif

*The Other Boleyn Girl- Philippa Gregory

*Dragon Keeper: Garden of The Purple Dragon- Carole Wilkinson

*Memoirs of A Geisha- Arthur Golden

*Wuthering Heights- Emily Bronte

*Lady Audley’s Secret- Mary Elizabeth Braddon

*The Notebook- Nicholas Sparks (i’ve been borrowing this from BFF for a long time now T.T)

*Inheritance- Lan Samantha Chang

*Where Three Roads Meet- Sally Vickers

*Portrait of an Unknown Woman- Vanora Bennett

*The Magic of Talking- Lell Lowndes

*Write Up The Corporate Ladder- Kevin Ryan

*Blood Red Rose- Maxwell Grant

mood: tired. but is still enjoying social networking.

listening to: No Other – Super Junior – OMG!!! i fell in LOVE with this song. cute guys (imo btw, don’t be harsh), great song (again, subjective… i’m up to all music) and the MV is beautiful (subjective again) but yeah, i’ll insert the vid below.

picture: from my mobile. fancy that? the top most book is the one i’m currently reading. i’m close to finish. really close! that’s the one that i’ve been talking about: Map of Love – Ahdaf Soueif.


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