finally sixteen

so yeah. today i’m officially sixteen.

didn’t mention it on my previous posts or anything, because, honestly, i’m not that excited.

i mean, sixteen. it would be like my fifteenth birthday, or fourteenth, or even eleventh. i feel that nothing have changed.

well, being sixteen is not that special to me, but the ‘happy birthday’s from well wishers are what makes it worth it. thank you! xoxo πŸ˜€ i’m surprised at how much ‘happy birthday’s i get. even from the people i have never known before. (fb friends: go figure) but yeah… the day goes on as usual. nothing different in particular.

i didn’t even have a cake. we just ate pudding after dinner. my mom, my sisters and i– since my dad went back to Semarang already πŸ˜₯ that sounds so sad, and it is.. but he was the second person who said ‘happy birthday’ to me on the phone. xD can you guess who’s first? second sister. can you believe it? i couldn’t.

anyway, i cannot go dragging about in this entry. as always, i’m breaking curfew time. again. *sigh* right. i should really go.. and being sixteen, i shouldn’t have acted like this. i should’ve abide by the rules and be a good girl.

but being bad once in a while never hurts anyone, right πŸ˜‰

i want to be a more responsible person in the future. someone that other people can rely to. i want to be more open and be braver with what i want to communicate verbally and not just in writing. i want to be confident of myself and not be insecure because deep down, i know that i’m as good as any other person in this whole wide world, and i believe that i deserve the chance to make a difference as a human living in this planet.

until then. i should probably go now. school started yesterday, but tomorrow is the real official learning day. so i have to be sure i’m good to go tomorrow…

your tired, but happy, now sixteen year old writer,


mood: exhausted but content and happy πŸ˜€

listening to: he was the idol i was talking about. he might look different since this is just after his band’s debut… but a forum friend of mine recommended it to me and now watching the video again, it might sound silly.. but i’m happy. and that is enough for me πŸ˜‰

picture: me. taken by mom’s camera after dinner. i’ll post more pictures if i have time tomorrow ;D


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