BALI 20-22

DAY5 – 20 July, 2010

we went to Tanah Lot. this is where i got my temporary tattoos… or henna as some of you prefer to say. other than that, nothing much. the hype of going into places such as these are used up already from my previous visits to Bali. since this means that it was my third time going to Tanah Lot, the place held no more interest in me. well, not much. but it is still a place of immense beauty and the temples on the cliffs are amazing. πŸ˜€ the place is for one, really famous for its sunset. but i saw the sunset last year, and missed this one. well, it’s a small thing, right? it doesn’t matter… that day, we moved hotel– from Kuta to Nusa Dua. we resided at the Oasis Hotel at first, but then moved to Westin in Nusa Dua for a more peaceful surrounding. after filling up our thirst of shopping in Kuta, my mother thought that some peace and quiet will do us good. but before journeying to Nusa Dua i was able to sneak in some last minute shopping. πŸ™‚ bought some leather sandals… i’m so happy πŸ˜€ the suede straps are embedded with colorful stones and i just simply adore it. it was already late in the afternoon when we arrived at our new hotel and unpacked. we walked to a place called the Bali Collection where small clusters of restaurants are present and ate at an Italian restaurant called Uno. it was fairly nice. and everything is event more expensive here than it was in Kuta… but i kinda get used to the thought that everything is expensive in Bali. T.T a center of tourist attraction, that is probably why. we went back and bathed… it was then the end of the fifth day.

DAY6 – 21 July, 2010

the last day in Bali before going home. i feel really sad, and yeah, i have that feeling of not letting go. it felt like i’ve just enjoyed my holiday but then it was the end already. it felt unjust. but everything with a beginning must come to an end, and this is the beginning of my summer holiday’s end. we dedicate that day solely to the hotel’s facilities. we swam a lot, played on the private beach, swam in the waves, collect sea shells and some of the white sands, and oh~ i manage to meet a really cute guy here. πŸ˜€ well, i think… he’s an intern. a chef intern. he looks quite young compared to the other chefs i met in the breakfast room, so i guess that he might be studying in a school for hospitality and tourism and is having his internship in that hotel. wahh~~ i have this cute boy alarm in my head and it blown off… i mean, it’s not everyday you get to meet a really cute guy, right? well, not for me. i’m not one of those girls who are boy crazed and thinks that every boy in the room is cute. nah~ i’m more to the… ‘i wish i can meet cute guys’ kind of girl. BD well, moving on… we ate lunch at this restaurant that specializes on fish called ‘Mak Beng’. and omg… the food is GOOD!! but super CROWDED… the place is literally swarming with people, and the place itself is not a big one. so yeah: heat, muscle fatigue, impatience… but really good food. it payed off. after the well eaten lunch, we ended up eating KFC for dinner and yeah, it was the end of the day very soon. and i was off to Bogor the next day… sad πŸ˜₯

DAY 7 – 22 July, 2010

the day started off pretty early. not pretty early… very early! my dad INSISTED and let me underline that for you…Β INSISTED that we should catch the sunrise. and you guys will think ‘oh well, the sunrise is not bad. at the very least it would only come out at around 6-ish’ and that was what i told my dad, but he wouldn’t listen! he again, INSISTED that the sun would rise at 5-ish. so there are i was with my second sister and my dad, trudging up the hotel grounds, heading for the beach in nothing but our PJs and a piece of jumper hunting for the sun. but oh no… it was still dark. of course it was still dark. it was just half past four. i got tired of trying to convince him that the sun will not rise in an hour or so and went with the rather bizarre and silly plan. yeah, we got to walk the sidewalks until we finally get into the other hotels (the sidewalks are connecting all the hotels located on the shore of the Nusa Dua Beach) and went back… guess what? the sun had not risen yet. i ended up curling and gathering as much heat as i could and went to sleep then and there at one of the beach chairs. i managed some snooze and when i woke up, the sun was rising! yeay~ ! we took some pictures and went back to the hotel where i changed into some proper garments for breakfast, but then again, went back to sleep. it was after 7 that i woke– in time for breakfast. we went down (i met with that cute boy again… aww~ for the last time πŸ˜₯ ), ate breakfast, and changed into our swimming suit again to satisfy us of our swimming craves. time moves so fast and little did i know, i was already seated on the plane next to my sisters listening to the pilot telling us that we are on take-off position. it was a really memorable day. despite having to be extremely exhausted at the ride back to Bogor from Jakarta, having to cramp 4 luggages, a few boxes and 8 people into a semi-big car ,finally arriving at 8 PM at home, i was pleased. this holiday will be one of those that would be most memorable to me πŸ˜€


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