BALI 16-17

DAY1 –16 July, 2010

okay. so first day, woke up at 4 AM. tired, but excited, i literally jumped to the shower. oh, and i helped my mom to pack last minute things (toiletries etc. etc.) which is why i couldn’t really jump in the internet for a quick good bye. i actually woke up extra early to really say the official bye-bye to you guys.. but it didn’t happen. oh well~ nothing much happen in day 1. just getting to the airport, giving my dad a bear hug when i met him at the airport just arriving from semarang ๐Ÿ˜€ (yeah, he flew from semarang, and met us at the airport to catch another plane… busy man) and then the flight, greeted by an extremely hot weather in Bali… oh, one thing did happen. a citizen of Indonesia doesn’t have to really comply in showing a boarding pass… but for some reasons this person keeps talking to me in English, asking me to show my boarding pass. i was sure that it was inside my bag, but since everything was practically jumbled up, and i COULDN’T find it anywhere, i land up on the floor with my things thrown out and strewn all over the airport floor. gosh~ it was humiliating to see other people walk past me with their boarding pass in hand while i’m frantically trying to find it in my unorganized bag. luckily i did find it, and spoke in bahasa to the staff… to my surprise, she apologized to me and thought that i was Japanese, which is why she had insisted on me showing my boarding pass… i realized that i didn’t utter a single word after she asked of my boarding pass since i’m so panic stricken– i’m though flattered that i look anything like a Japanese (since you faithful readers knows that i adore that country so much without really any valid reasons as to why i do). after that, the day went uneventful. just keeping an eye at my sisters while they’re swimming at the hotel and eating good, and i repeat, GOOD SEAFOOD in a restaurant called Mini. ( i did mention it to you in my previous post) and then just walking leisurely at the still bustling Kuta Sidewalk. we ate Haagen Dasz (spelling?) and then the day ended. went back to the hotel, bathed and slept.

DAY2 – 17 July, 2010

okay, so there is reason why my family almost always have our summer vacation starting on the sixteenth. it is because my dad’s birthday is on the seventeenth. happy birthday daddyy!! kiss kiss kiss hug hug hug to you! but i didn’t feel quite well that day. couldn’t sleep since i’m not really used to the sleeping environment yet. apparently my room was not that comfortable. since we are thinking of traveling the whole day, we thought of getting just a nice cheap hotel to sleep in… but then, i went in the room to find that the door was broken, the air con not working, and having find only the upper layer of the blanket/duvet on the bed. it was just uncomfortable, and i didn’t get much sleep. with the fatigue of yesterday’s activities + not getting enough sleep, i was under a fit that second day, but still, everything goes on as i tried my best to hide this nauseous feeling in the pit of my stomach from the prying eyes of my mother. you know, mothers just had these things with knowing even though they are not told. i have to be really really careful. we went to Taro elephant park and my my my… i had SO MUCH FUN! i’m not so much of a naturalist, but i’ve always loved animals all my life. i think they are adorable, either wild or tame, and that they do have feelings as well being… alive. i rode on an elephant, asked the guide millions of questions that she might have grown tired of me, take loads of pictures with the elephants with different poses, watched the elephants, hand feed the elephants, bought a book about elephants… everything elephant-ish, i did there. after having an elephantastic day, we ate at a place called ‘Naughty Nuri’s Ribs’. it was DE-LI-CIOUS! omg… i don’t remember seeing that much people drinking beer and eating ribs in my whole life… (well, i’m just fifteen… so…) but really– i really recommend the place. i feel so blessed to be eating there. my mother had finally learn of my rather worn down body (since i did catch a slight fever, i feel really bad that day) but we still went to this art gallery late at night called the ‘Muji Art Gallery’. my mother has a thing with paintings, just like my dad has a things with newspapers T.T i’m torn between those since i’m their offspring, naturally. lol. my dad doesn’t understand art… not ‘at all’ i suppose, but not quite.. on the contrary, my mother lives for art. that i think is why they can live and cope with each other for so long. because they fill in each other’s weaknesses ๐Ÿ˜‰ and then it was the end of the day again for me. when my second sister, my dad and mom went out again to sight see, i stayed at the hotel trying to regain all the rest i had lost the other night with my smallest sister. but still, staying at the hotel means work. bathing my sister, brushing her teeth, and then taking a bath… it was a little later after the rest of my family was back to the hotel that i finally received some notes of peaceful slumber.

(c) AVR

pictures will be posted for respective days in this thread. wait for it readers ๐Ÿ˜‰


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