back from being MIA

hey guys… okay. i’m surrendering myself, you can get me however you like it now (with kind words preferably) but yes, i’m back.

as to the reason of my disappearance this past few… week, it is because i went to Bali. yeah.. BALI~~ !! amazing BALI! this is one of the reason why i still keep my nationalism despite everything. Bali is just so beautiful. i went at exactly last Thursday so at this time last week, i’m probably still strolling at the bustling famous Kuta Sidewalk after having a hearty dinner at a seafood restaurant called Mini. but more of that later… bottom-line, it was awesome.

right. so i’m pulling myself from this wonderfully written historical romance book written by Ahdaf Soueif called Maps of Love. if you haven’t read that book yet, i really recommend it. i mean, every books has its pros and cons and so does this one. you can get easily bored if you’re not a patient reader as it accounts all the things that happened both heroines and heroes (past and present) but it was artfully written. and you can either read it as a historical (history of egypt– mainly) or romance. and the good thing about me is that i enjoy almost everything, except horrors… so that’s good with me.

but i’m giving myself time to write accounts of the things that happened there. i’m not promising them to be short, but am summarizing everything up to two entries. hopefully…

pictures will be uploaded when i finally am done collecting and piecing all the strewn pictures together. i have pictures everywhere… my aunt’s camera (since i went with my aunt and gramma too), my mom’s and my sis’s. i don’t have one for the time being, but is wishing to get one. lol~ see you in my next posts 😉

mood: happily typing 😉

listening to: anything Rascal Flatts


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