my last stop for today

*yawn* i will try to keep it short and simple. although it would be close to impossible…

but oh well, let’s see.

today’s a long day. not to mention a very painful and nauseous one. i had a headache when i was studying japanese earlier this morning. the dizziness came suddenly and i was surprised. i was never like that before. and then my ribcage hurts like it has a hole drilled into it. i’m serious, and am not kidding. i’m going to eat more veggies from now on. go green, live green, eat green — a rather lame motto, but oh well..

didn’t do much yesterday. but am now trying to find my ‘the alchemyst’ book that i’ve read. i’m sure i’ve mentioned it in my previous posts. my aunt is going to singapore tomorrow for a holiday and she’s asking for that secondhand bookstore. but of course i remember all about it… it’s just, i wanted to make sure.

okay, i’m rubbing my eyes right now. signs of fatigue. my sister’s going out with a friend tomorrow… and i probably will stick to being with my mother and my smallest sis… probably also with my grams. we’ll probably have lunch and window shop in some… err– shops.

but i have to say that i’m in a better mood than i was in my previous post. do you know how happy you can be when you meet friends? i for one, am so happy. i get to chat, and somehow, unconsciously, learn new things. of course, it being unconscious, i didn’t realize straight away… after i look back on it, i was like… “oh yeah.. i did learn some things” idk. i’m just weird.

right. i’m going to sleep now, since my eyes are deteriorating and i’m just so aware of that. so yeah… goodnight all. enjoy your night, or your day (if you are like 12 hours ahead or before my time)

mood: happy

listening to: I’m A Loner – CNBlue (omg. i’m like addicted to this song right now)

picture: City Lightsby ~zifengw (breathtaking.. is it not?)


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