hiya there~

hey.. i’m back! not going to be here for long. just for a few minutes..

i haven’t been here since… two days ago?? i’m a complete failure, am i not? aigoo~

right. i’m just writing here to tell you guys that i’m going for a holiday to Bali in 5 days. not that excited, but it feels okay… at least, not that special or anything. i get to meet my dad, which is always a nice thing πŸ˜‰ but yeah, apart from that.. it’s just the beach, the sun, tank tops, the sea… food πŸ˜€ and nothing more.

last piano session tomorrow before the holiday. to be honest, i’m not really too keen on it. but i’m willing to take the challenge that is lain out in front of me. i believe that He will always guide me through everything i’m going to go through and i’ve worked my butt of literally for these past few days. practicing is what makes me busy. i’m not even writing yesterday and the day before yesterday. it’s all piano focus. right.

i’m going off now… just watched WGM. that stands for We Got Married. it’s a korean reality show where celebrity pairs up and become fake husbands and wives. they sort of ‘elope’ in the reality show… and yeah, it’s fun to watch πŸ˜€ i strongly recommend it. if you’re scouring the net for some happy pills and couldn’t find some decent ones, try those. type We Got Married keywords on YouTube and you’ll get these amazingly hilarious vids. if you are already more experienced in this, type the name of the couple as well to be more specific.

not going to extend this post. i’m happy to have met you guys in a happy state

until then loves– sampai jumpa

mood: happy, tired– anxious

listening to: Can I Love You? – Yurisangja (also known as glass box)

picture: Random by ~LoveTuli –i’m posting random blobs here since this is an extremely random post. i hope you enjoyed the affection though. i think the black blob and the green blob looks charming together πŸ˜‰


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