following the flow of things…

Hey all!! It’s me again… and I’ve slept this time, so my mood has improved significantly.

I woke up at 8 this morning, having only 7 hours of sleep… surprisingly, it was enough for me and my body didn’t demand more of it. Well, of course, it was with the help of caffeine and my mom did wake me up so that I would get ready to go to gram’s house, but that’s about it. I didn’t get back to sleep or anything. I was awake… which was unnatural.

I’m writing this now in my gram’s house. You might get it later in the afternoon when I will get home since I’m not getting an internet connection… you could see that all the ‘I’ s in this post would be capitalized since I wrote it on Microsoft Word.

We are here because, yeah… my sister’s having her birthday party here. My mom made all sorts of things. Soup, noodles, even pudding. We would probably stay here until afternoon when my aunt and cousins are going home… probably four-ish?

There’s a lot of things going on today. For once, I feel very pretty today 😉 idk why, but I just do. I’m going to post a picture if I do take one, mind you, I might be the one taking all the pictures and not have pictures taken of me. My sister’s supposed to be the center of attention today. She did her hair yesterday. She smoothed her hair (?) is that how you’re supposed to say it?? She went to the salon and had her hair straightened out. It was wavy earlier and she got it ‘smoothed’ . It would at least hold for 6 months—but I don’t fancy my hair to be ironed like that. There were times when I wanted to straight out my hair so badly but that was years ago. I’m now pro for the wavy and beautiful xD

Today’s bad stuff? Even though it’s still morning, there is one thing that bothers me. The breaking bond of family ties. My family is really close to each other. We are big, but it didn’t make us a stranger to each other. We did traditions together; parties, we prayed together and the sort—but things haven’t been going on right recently. There is this particular grandfather of mine who is, in my opinion, troubled. Honestly, I don’t really like him that much. He lost his wife (death), might as well lost his adopted child and didn’t care for his grandson. This grandfather is the brother of MY grandfather  (that does make sense, right?) I’m not going into any details, but, I know (even when he doesn’t speak of it) that he has a LOT of regrets in his life. The thing about him is that he does things without thinking them through, but then when it turned out for the worse, he would just regret it… wasteful, you know?

If my great grandmother was still here, she could’ve stopped his actions but since the only living people are now the younger generations, we couldn’t do anything about it. He has the money, he has the power, and those two things are what matters in this world nowadays. I’m sick of it. But what can I say? I don’t have a say in this. When my mom, my aunt and my uncle didn’t even have a say, I, who is allegedly the third generation, didn’t have a say in this from the very start. So you are again, my target for disgruntled rambles.

If he’s talking about pain, about experience… well, it’s true that I’m not feeling what he’s feeling now. (losing his wife and daughter must be really hurtful) but fess up… we all have problems in this world. I’m, in fact, having a problem of my own at this very minute—but I’m trying not to involve anyone in it. My problem is for me and me alone… you don’t have to make such a big deal about it and make other people sad. That’s selfish, and I thought he is a grown up. He looks like a baby in an old grandpa body. (sorry for being so impolite of old people. I told you I’m really vocal in my opinions; please forgive me)

Anyhow, I’m going to stop writing and start on my editing project. Edited two files yesterday and was thinking of editing one more so that I could post it on the site. Thinking that I would spend a long time here, I brought Viv along. Complete with its set of charger.

Oh! And I’m so happy that Spain won yesterday! Woo~ had a hunch that Germany was going to win even though I was supporting Spain. But I just had to congratulate Germany. They played so well and neatly that even Argentina didn’t stand a chance against them—add to the fact that most of their players are good-looking 😀

I think I’m going to visit here again, tonight. But I’m not promising anything. We’ll see… but until then,

Au revoir my loved ones—

mood: cheerful. Even though a little faked

listening to: A CF commercial on my iPod (Lotte Duty Free—So I’m Lovin’ You) DBSK is starring in it.. ahhh!!


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