14 and cute ;)

hey all…

i’m not accustomed with this all time difference thing. assuming that wordpress is set to American time or British time, today would still be the seventh of July. not in my case… it’s the 8th. 5 minutes to 1 AM to be exact. and i’m not sleeping yet. and my mother is planning to go to gram’s house, early in the morning tomorrow. not happening. that would be… close to impossible.

well, today’s the eight. which means, my super annoying to the max baby sister is turning 14!! yeay!! congrats to you honey bunny.. even though you piss me off to no end, you no i’ll still love you no matter what 😀

right. that’s about it. i’m getting cranky in here, and me+ cranky attitude = no good.

which is why i should head to bed soon. i’ll just watch a couple minutes of the FIFA German V.S. Spain thing and would be off to snooze island. yesterday, which had just passed an hour ago, wasn’t exactly what i would call a good day. i’m even glad that it passed actually. i’m not going to go into detail about what happened since it would just annoy me even more, but speaking like so… it wasn’t a good day. period.

plus, i’m starting to feel on these rubbers that bind my upper braces. darn. it hurts. idk, apparently my lower gum sort of grown (even though i’m allegedly sixteen this year) but yeah, it encourages the upper jaw to space out resulting in a dent on my two front teeth. grr~ orthodontia is a pain. beauty needs sacrifices- i’m well aware of it.

until then mates. i’ll be online as soon as i can and update here once more. going off now *waves*

mood: tired, cranky, not good

picture: i guess this post wouldn’t be complete without a weird picture to couple it with. so here’s one from my personal LQ stash. enjoy 😉 (that’s me > left; and sister > right; wearing dad’s geeky engineer glasses–super awesome)


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