coffee fumes~

zzz– sleepy. like really. i’m yawning all the time now.

i was writing. on my cousin’s lap top. T.T i’m borrowing everyone’s lap top nowadays. Viv has battery shortage problems and i just can’t deal with that right now, so out of my frustrations, i’ve decided to just you know… borrow. a solution… ch-ching!!

right. so my aunt was drinking coffee… and i was instantly drawn to it. i love the smell of coffee so much. you know, the scent that came out with the fume when it was still hot? yeah, that kind of smell. it was — *sigh* magical.

so naturally, i’m now craving for coffee, having to wait until tomorrow because i feel that drinking coffee now is not going to help my body.

and yeah. mom’s already asking if we could go home now. since this lap top is borrowed, i’m going to say a ‘goodbye for now’ kind of goodbye and will be back later with a picture and tags ready. so see you tweeps. i’ll be seeing you *winkwink*


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