Star-spangled banner

hey guys… was not going to write– going to brush my teeth when the internet was on. so i’ve decided to spare time on writing to my beautiful and charming readers.

happy independence day America!! it’s almost the end of 4th of July for me… it’s 10 PM here, which means 10 AM American time. perfect… great timing 😉

i’m not an American citizen or anything, and haven’t even been there… but i’m planning to. i will go there for sure. i hope that America would always continue to be a nation remembered for its diversity, justice and democracy. may your land be blessed 😀

so, you guys knew i didn’t update yesterday.. well, i was studying. not actually formally studying, just out of curiosity. and about what, you may ask? Greek Gods and Goddesses. i didn’t know what came into me yesterday, but i spent the entire day reading myth stories, and all of that in a dedicated website specialized for Greek Gods and Goddesses. i mostly learn about goddesses though… and i’m sure i can name a few now. Aphrodite (for the obvious), Artemis, Demeter, Persephone, Psyche, Iris, Isis, Selene, Hera (idk why, but i’m never so interested about her… hmm–) , Ananke, Cassandra, CASSIOPEIA <3, Andromeda, Eris, Thesis, Eileithya, Electra, Harmonia and many others… there are loads. and i’m also now a bit familiar with the nymphs. Dryads, Hyades, Naiades… and of course, lots others.

apart from that, i’m concentrating on writing. did some progress, but i work hard everyday just to get even a fraction closer to my goals. which is finishing the book. i sometimes think that this task is ridiculous, but i know that it is not impossible. many great writers have the passion to wait and just write– and so can i. asked a coordinator for spot translation links that needs to be edited and i got two episodes. still, haven’t got the timed files yet, but at least, i’m doing something now… so yeah, i’m pretty much booked.

and oh, piano. tomorrow. pray for me, will ya? i’m always having this thing that i can’t explain before piano lessons. i mean, i love piano itself and i love music. but when someone force you to play and learn theories and count pulse, and synchronize your hands to perfection, it’s not fun anymore… don’t you get what i mean? because art cannot be forced. it should flow out naturally– i guess that particular grown up doesn’t get it. tsk

going to sleep now. tired. had enough of the day. looking forward to 10 AM tomorrow– the completion of another piano lesson :p until then…


mood: sleepy

listening to: Dearly Beloved – idk in particular. but it’s from Kingdom Hearts. (really nice, calming music)

picture: The Star Spangled Banner by ~Walldo


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