canceled plans

you know what?? next year, when i’m FINALLY seventeen (i’m not happy being older.. it’s just–you’ll see why), the first thing i’m going to ask for is = FREEDOM = no curfews. right. that is that.

i’m supposed to be in Jakarta now hanging out with my really really old friend that was just back from Bali. me and a two other friends planned to meet up in some mall, but then with a simple change of plan and complicated thinkings, i’ve decided to not go.

first: i feel sorry for my mom. not actually a curfew thing, but i do feel sorry. dad’s out of town for work, so i have to be there for my mom and lil sisters. she does set curfews.. but lenient ones. she will not get mad at me, she will not shout or bash (scary mom) or hit or scream or kick or anything. she would just simply pull out the guilt card at me. and boy, she has tons of them. i can’t bear the guilt card *shields herself*

two: i really need to do my priorities. practicing, writing, finish reading this stack of books that still adopt the ‘unread’ status. i will take a picture of that pile of books just to show you how many books i haven’t yet read.

that’s about it i guess… replied to PMs in forums and checked my editing site. nothing yet… plus the online magazine that i’m writing for is having a hiatus. will be back shortly, i think. will have to look for other things to do. for the meantime, i’m going to bury my head in writing and just writing itself.


oh and yeah.. about the Eclipse movie… umm– you know, not as good as i’ve expected.

the trailer looks superly super.. but the movie… not so bad but at the same time, not so good either. i guess i’m comparing these things too much with the books and yes, the book is again, so much better than the movie. i guess, for now, the only movie that has successfully reach (and even exceed by a few degrees) my expectations is the second one: New Moon. but i’m definitely looking forward to the next movie: Breaking Dawn– which will be split to two movies? like HP.. (i’m looking forward to seeing HP as well!! 😀 ) but yeah, the forbidden fruit always tastes the sweetest + first loves… you never really get over it. so instead of having the privilege of a living soul and a beating heart AND marrying her best friend, Bella sticks to Edward. i must say that i’m still loyal to the prospect of Edward; but mind you, my fictional Edward. between RPatz and Taylor? i have to choose Taylor. you need to loosen up a bit Rob… you’ll be cooler 😉


and yeah… that’s it for today. might as well get going then. see ya!!

mood: tired, but excited

listening to: Sunao Ni Narenakute Accoustic by somebody in YT

picture: Bleh by *cookiemonstah


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