forbidden love </3

hey babies… i’m back ^^ i missed you and am going to spoil you with an update or two today. so yeah, be on the look out.

okay, first off… today’s the first of july, and my mood has gone from this (picture my hand really low on the ground) to this (now picture it on the top of my head with my feet fully tip-toeing) yeah.. that much.

first of july… lots of good movies coming out 😉 today, i’m watching ECLIPSE… 😀 well, i’m a fan of the books, but today, i’m going to witness if the movie itself gave any justice to the book. the old statement that said that the movie would always be worse than the book is not completely true. for instance, New Moon… which is the worst out of the twilight saga turned out to be better than twilight in terms of movie. maybe that was because the book was such a downer that the movie made up for it. while on the other hand, the twilight movie didn’t capture the true essence of romance that happened between Bella and Edward. my opinion– no hard feelings.

anyways, will be off in an hour or two, so i’m writing as i have time on my hands right now. i’m going to write a few for this blog and then continue to write for the book i’m trying to complete (which is hard, now that i’ve tried… i’m getting a lot of writer’s block recently)

will come back to edit this post.. or probably put up another post for you guys…

but on the mean time.. who’s side are you siding on?

are a Team Edward? or a Team Jacob??

mood: curious

picture: Forbidden Love by =AdenSyra — you should really check out her link and creations. i’m not someone who recommends something frequently, but this guy or girl here (>.<) has talent. despite some rough edges in her/is masterpieces, the lack of lighting doesn’t effect the raw and rich emotion that the two of her characters emit. really a job well done.


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