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hi peeps… it’s me again. and it’s almost raining. yeah. did nothing much today since my Japanese teacher couldn’t make it and told me that we are going to be studying on Thursday and Friday. ate bread with loads of chocolate crispy-s with a hot cup of coffee 😀 total yumm~ we window shopped a while after having my sister’s hair cut and i ate nasi uduk for lunch. again, yummy. thought about skipping dinner when mom bought nasi pepes for dinner. again, something yummy~ thus, i cannot refuse. rofl. should really work out today as well.

right. today’s post wouldn’t be like it’s ancestors where i fill you up with boring accounts of my daily life. in this post i want to say how everyone looks pretty in their own way. and about bias- something about that too. i haven’t checked any gossip sites since i was too busy with my editing and writing project but something caught me. it was a tweet from E!online and it was something about KStew. seeing that american news nowadays are more to eclipse this and eclipse that, i was a little intrigued, so i check up on the link. of course, it was about how KStew looked insecure, ugly, bad, lalala… again. her picture was posted on top of the news and underneath were comments from various net users– some complimenting her, some agreeing with E!, some trying to stay neutral. i have to say that i am a fan of Stephenie Meyer’s twilight saga. i mean, i love twilight the most, even though the movie turns out to be the worst (no offense intended here) but i respect her work, the movie, the director that directs the movie, ++ actresses and actors acting on the movies. i’m not a big fan of either KStew or RPatz as people now say or the RobSten coupling or whatever, but i can’t help but be a little moved seeing that Kristen is almost always bashed on the net. why?

i’m listing: her posture, her pale skin, her dress sense, her hair, the lack of smiling, her nerve… (and the list goes on and on and on) it comes to the point that i think people will never run out of reasons to actually say bad things towards her.

i’m someone who is really insecure. like really really insecure. i’m not too confident with who i am and what i am right now but i’m working on it. and i’m sure that she is too. as someone who also has a low sense of secureness, i can relate to her– i don’t always have a good posture, i don’t always have a big smile stapled on my face and i do trip, stutter, fidget, play with my fingers, run a hand through my hair when i’m nervous. it happens people. why do you think that she is trying to be cool and rocker-like when she did things like that? it’s not that… she’s just not used to the crowd. can’t you accept that? do you have to really show your ‘dislike’ against her who is not just your average plastic hollywood mannequin? when she doesn’t get her skin tanned (to look like a ridiculous orange) or doesn’t smile all the time to show bleached teeth, she is still a human, just like all of you.

i mean yes, she should know the consequences she’s going to face once she’s decided to walk on the fame road and also people are free to express their opinions, but COULD YOU always fake ignorance when other people bad mouth you, and even worse, through the internet? i know she acts cool even though she’s always cornered, but somehow you know that she must’ve been hurt as well by all those bad rumors and nonsense. i have to side with the Kristen fans for this one and say that to Perez, some other gossip website + fangirls which are highly respected by us all, please try and be considerate with your choice of words and also try to be a little sensitive. that all no smiles, pale girl is what she really is. accept her for that.

and try having your photos taken that much– i doubt that you’ll be smiling for ALL of the photos, wouldn’t you?

i think she’s pretty.. has a good sense of style, and tries her best. and a tip for you guys out there, being cool and being insecure is two really different things. and in case you didn’t notice, she’s smiling in here 😉

fat, skinny, white or black or even yellow… you’re pretty… and all the girls out there are pretty (okay, to the boys = handsome, or wtv it is that you guys prefer– i don’t want you guys to think that you are pretty T.T)

and get it when i say that people are so hypocritical as to believe the ‘true colors’ theme? this is just a sample. a case… there are lots others like KStew… i mean, if we are really opting for ‘true colors’ and whatnot, it shouldn’t be just skin color. but attitude and habit as well… as long as it doesn’t involve negative things, a little lack of smiling and bad posture should be tolerable, eh?

anyways, that’s about it. sorry for the long post. i just need to say it, and there, i’ve said it.

mood: flustered

listening to: Love Is Color Blind – Sarah Conor ft. TQ (?) i’m not sure- album: Bling Bling Vol 3

picture: (Pretty Girl: source unknown); (Kristen Stewart:



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